Are you refusing to compensate players please help resolve

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I had a player who had an incident where he played for sa period of time and then realized none of his work was contributing to the board... he thought as normal which shouldn’t be normal to close game and come back and it would count... it never did... he spent a lot of resources so I told him to reach out to you and you would resolve ... they refused to take care of him and now I will be losing a member and honestly I put in a ticket to finally get compensated for a few issues and never got a response... and I am getting pretty upset about all of it honestly with all the constant issues with this game that we lose out on and I know I have and get treated terrible when asking for resolution and a fair result 

his name is Red please handle it the way it should be and quit being like this to good people who play your game as this makes me want to quit as well

Hi Rem. First, I want to say that  I have completely enjoyed being on this team. Awesome group, by far the best group I have been a part of. I have great respect for you...perfect leadership qualities for this.

At the start of this week I had the issue where I burned through all my stockpiled energy and grenades doing infests and raiders. I realized I wasn't seeing others' progress. I wasn't too concerned though as the few times in the past when something wasn't being recorded, it would show up on a game restart. Didn't happen. I contacted support and told them about me losing all my resources and wanted compensation for my loss. They ignored me telling them about all the energy and grenades I lost and would only say they were unable to compensate me "on the board" as it was completed and over. Duh, I didn't ever ask for that. I finally told them they would never get any more money from me and I meant it. I have spent a lot on energy and grenades, etc and have never once asked for any kind of compensation for past issues. They pissed me off! I realize your only listed rule is 15k weekly but everyone else has the bike and I feel it is kinda an unwritten rule in higher groups to be able to adequately contribute, besides sometimes needing to buy other stuff like energy and flares. My bike expires in 11 days and so I wanted to give you notice so you can go ahead and line up a replacement. 

Thank you for accepting me into the group. I appreciate you! 


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    Hello @Remorah. Checking the message you are reporting (sent 13 days ago by Red), and checking our servers reports, I can see that we didn't have any server issues during the time-frame that your player reported the issue and according to his logs, it seems to have been own network delay and connection issues. For this reason, we were unable to offer your player a compensation. 

    I have closed this topic for now. Please ask Red to discuss this with Player Support as we don't deal with these cases through the Forum or by third parties. Stay safe!
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