uninstall reinstall - how to connect to saved game?

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Not realizing there were server issues going on, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game.  Problem is, it automatically goes to tutorial mode with brand new character.  There is nowhere to sign in.  Closest thing is the button to connect with google account, but I"m afraid that will OVERWRITE my 17 lvl character with the newbie one.

Not sure if it's going into tutorial because of server problems, OR if I'm supposed to tap liking to google ID and at THAT point I"ll have option of importing saved game.  If so, it needs to be labeled BETTER that will be an option after I tap.  Or give me a sign in button.



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    @Maymrico Go through the tutorial and when you pick a name, don't pick your normal name. Pick something different. After it's over, it will ask you to connect to your game. Do this and select the Saved Game, it should be the one with the name on your level 17 account. You'll be fine at that point.
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    They should make you a mod Harsh, hahaha
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    Sheva69 said:
    They should make you a mod Harsh, hahaha

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    Thank you so much.  That worked!  :)
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    Perdí mi cuenta nivel 24, por instalar y jugar una nueva, como lo recuperóo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
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    Anghely_6 said:
    Perdí mi cuenta nivel 24, por instalar y jugar una nueva, como lo recuperóo😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Reach out to in game support and let them know the issue you have experienced. They will assist you if they are able to 
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    Eso es lo que siempre responden ya van como 5 veces 😭😭😭😭
    ### Do not reply below this line ###
    OW Support
    September 25, 2020, 18:27 -0500
    (Este es un mensaje automático.)

    Hola sobreviviente

    Gracias por comunicarte con nosotros, y lamento saber que has tenido problemas mientras jugabas. ¡Sigue las instrucciones a continuación para que podamos ayudarte lo más rápido posible!

    1) En primer lugar, asegúrate de que tu juego actual esté conectado a Game Center o Google Play. Puedes encontrar instrucciones para hacer esto en la sección de Preguntas Frecuentes “¿Cómo guardo mi juego?” Una vez hecho esto, podremos encontrar tu juego en nuestro sistema.

    2) Abre el menú de ayuda, presiona el botón "Contáctanos" y envíanos un mensaje dentro del juego. Si no ves el botón "Contáctanos", abre cualquier Pregunta Frecuente y selecciona "Contáctanos".

    3) Por favor incluye la siguiente información en tu mensaje:

    * Texto: "Cuenta perdida"
    * Nombre del jugador del juego original
    * Nivel de jugador en el juego.
    * Nombre del Grupo del juego original (si estuvieras en uno)

    Si realizaste compras dentro de la aplicación en el juego perdido, recuerda incluir los recibos de tus compras en tu mensaje. Estos podrían ayudarnos a recuperar tu cuenta.

    ¡Esperamos saber de ti!
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    No me dan solución eso me sale cada vez que dejo mensaje  en contactanos 
  • Anghely_6Anghely_6 Member Posts: 6
    Alguien que me ayude y sepa que hacer🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭😭😭😭😭😭
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    I understand that this process and dealing with the back and forth required with support can be annoying. Unfortunately as much as I would love to personally solve the issue that you are having I am just not familiar enough with exactly what happened with your account nor can I access account information.  I also don't want to misunderstand what you are sharing because of a translation issue given I don't speak Spanish.   You need to continue the dialog with in game support as to what happened and what you have already tried to do to recover your account.  The above message you received appears to be an Automated message sent by the system giving you possible solutions to your issue based on the information in your initial message to support. Hopefully by now someone has gotten back to you, if not send an additional message.  

  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 529

    I wanted to follow up on this issue with you. If you could please provide me with the following information so that I can try and get someone to look into this for you. 

    In game name
    Player Level
    Team you play on
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    @aharshman... thank you for telling how to fix this issue... I've been fighting since yesterday evening (almost 24 hours) trying to get this resolved...I got the automated responses and it was saying to sync up via Google play...I was afraid that I'd lose my game (i'm level 28 and have a lot of time and money invested in this game -- plus I created my team and am co-leader so I didn't want to lose them) if I did this...I kept asking if it would sync to the new game but couldn't get any further responses or help... then I came across this... when i saw it worked for them, I was willing to try it myself -' and it worked!!!!.... thanks again, I really appreciate it more than you'll ever know... thanks again... kat 
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