Syncing my account to Google play after uninstalling the app

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Had issues with the free bait... thought was an issue with the new update... saw posts about deleting and reinstalling the app to clear new update problems...i Uninstaller and reinstalled the app but it started me at the beginning again... my account (level 28) still shows with my team (I created the team and am a co-leader)... I've reached out to the game contacts under the "lost account" feature and have gotten automated responses but I need help still... those responses say to sync up the game to my Google play but there's a warning (I'll include a picture of it at the end) that has me worried about doing that -- I'm worried that it'll suv to the new game account and not my old account... I've tried asking them about this and included the pictures, but I'm still waiting on a reply from a real person... I've been down since last night... I've lost valuable battling time so now I don't think we're going to complete the level and tier we're on... can anyone help me out?... I'd really appreciate it... thanks... and here's the picture of the warning...


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    If you sinc up and there are two options, you will be offered a choice (that one will be final, though, so be careful - and better rename your "new" account to make sure you choose correct one). Yeah, this looks scary, but the other option involves actually reaching through tech support and giving them ample time to check (they need to make sure your last account is indeed inactive, and it's not a case of someone trying to hijack it) and then restore it.

    I did both. Restoration through support took about a day, restoration via syncing takes about as much as you need to redownload the game data. The choice is yours. 
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