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The leader of RR LEGENDS, K-Wise,  had the idea of a reflare option.  We spend so much money on flares,  this would make it much better for everyone!



  • TonksTonks Member Posts: 12
  • aharshmanaharshman Member Posts: 161
    Do it!

  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 99
    Just wanted to re-iterate how much of a huge quality of life option this would be. If we could “extend flare time” using our flares instead of trying to reflare before timer runs out it would really be helpful. 
  • АнунахАнунах Member Posts: 39
    Agree, that would be really great small improvement. 
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 91
    edited November 2020
    We had the exact same problem today in our team... we had a flare with an all rottens rescue in it that we wanted to keep but
    no one seemed to manifest itself to reflared it... so with 20 seconds left... me an another of my teamate reflared it exactly at the
    same time...doh!   But  worst.... the all rottens rescue then switched to a normal rescue.....  your suggestion would  have at least saved one flare to our team.  
  • raGeraGe Member Posts: 2
    Yes - good idea!! 
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,386
    @Marbo417 instead of going down to the wire to reflare, make a group rule to take turns reflaring and post in chat, and reflare around 10 minute mark so that if there's any issues, another player can reflare it.  That's what our group does.

    This works until an option like is introduced.
  • ScanScan Member Posts: 72
    That is a amazing idea 
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 91
    edited November 2020
    @zbot normally that's what we do but sometimes,  there is a hole in communications and situations like that happen.  But i realy like this suggestion. Beside the flare's name, in the flare list, there could be a place where you can drop an additional flare or more. 
  • TonksTonks Member Posts: 12
    Yes please ❤️❤️
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