Raider Ambush Event feedback

I love this event overall. But had some feedback. 

1: level 22 locked for negan sanctuary is a joke. That is below my minimum . I get that you want it to be challenging for newer players but at least make it equal level to your PPL. The game is getting too easy for us high level players. 

2: how do you have a Negan event with out his gun??? I’m 567 away from level 10 and was hoping to grind it out. 


  • DalovaDalova Member Posts: 1
    I haven't seen a Negan event at all. Where are they? I'm a lvl 29.
  • RacheleighbeRacheleighbe Member Posts: 1
    Our entire team has been looking for Negans sanctuary & have seen 0. Countless compasses. We are all mid 20’s level. How rare are they or is it a dev issue?
  • hardtofindnamehardtofindname Member Posts: 9
    I saw 3 Negan's Sanctuaries yesterday and got to play one last night It was level 17 for my level 16 acc  For my level 13 acc with different guild same Negan"s Sanctuary was level 22, locked out  From a distance Negan's Sanctuary looks epic but duration is shorter, maybe around 90 minutes  Two guildmates, levels 26 and 29, reported getting 180 tokens for win  I think Negan looks younger in Sanctuary but no one agreed
  • hardtofindnamehardtofindname Member Posts: 9
    We found another Negan's in Las Vegas this afternoon  Jackpot  40+minutes remaining  My level 16 was locked out of 22 Negan's  No one commented in chat  We are somewhat casual guild with real life priorities  It is probably good to make Negan look younger and stronger in his own mission
  • leonchentvbsleonchentvbs Member Posts: 6
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  • MaeLDuiNMaeLDuiN Member Posts: 39
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    Its level 22 for everyone. Unless the mission was just changed from a normal/rare/epic raider outpost to Vegan's Sanctuary few minutes before you attempt to play it, then it could be any level from your mission level range.

    I saw level one level 26 and one level 27 Vegan Sanctuary, rest have been 22.
  • dandancar77dandancar77 Member Posts: 336
    seems rare bases have disappeared for me.  mostly just regular bases and outposts 
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,796
    Rare and epic bases are around, just had a level 12 rare and level 35 epic (locked).  Players think it’s not there because it’s the current event.
  • amc938amc938 Member Posts: 12
    So I'm level 19 currently, and after searching the entire event for one of negans sanctuaries, today I've been lucky and came across a few, of course as stated they were all level 22, which for some reason I assumed would be unlocked regardless, but I am locked out of it, until I clear a level 21 raider base... which now on the hunt for a level 21 base seems harder than finding the sanctuary! I know the mission is extremely hard, but I atleast would love to have the chance to give it a go.... its new to the game...and I've been playing for a while now, so of course its going to intrigue me! But I definitely don't think [for this mission alone] that anyone should be locked out from playing it...  maybe the one exception? 

    Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas ?

    What is this all about that I am seeing in the comments, finding level 16-20 Sanctuaries? How!?

    Thanks all!
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