NG using Alexandria Project tests on boards

Seeing as how support ignores me, I’ll blow this up right here. During this current season Next Games decided it would be a great thing to test their rotten bait on live boards. Everyone in the Alexandria Project was able to test multiple times during tier boards in secret, except its not a secret as the Board quickly filled with these players kill counts. This post is for players like me that like to race the tiers fairly. Fair Play does not mean you test your secretive new additions against paying customers. Next games, and their decision to not only do this, but also cater to widespread cheating has lost my business and respect as a company. 



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    Hello @JZom

    Yes, you are correct that we have been testing since Tuesday a new feature with the current members of the  Alexandria Project. This new feature does have some secondary effects on the boards when a specific Walker is required in general. The testing of this feature is on-going until Friday morning, after which we will be polishing the new feature.

    How does the Alexandria Project early access benefit you?
    It provides a feature polished based on the feedback of over 60 people with varying player levels, gameplay styles, card collections, devices and more. 

    Open applications for the Alexandria Project were announced in October and all players were invited to apply. Players were accepted into the program based on their applications. More information can be found here:

    Stay safe!
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    Your screenshots have been removed as they  violated the Forum Rules & Guidelines.
    As to your speculation of the new feature being the addition of Rotten Walkers in bait, unfortunately this is not the case. Bait will remain in the game exactly as it has been since it's reintroduction.
    In regards to the NG_xxx account screenname screenshot from a few weeks ago, please know that none of those account belong to any NG employees. NG employees do not identify themselves in game as NG employees. The players who attempted to impersonate NG employees with their user names and violated our Term of Use and Fair Play Policy have received consequences for their actions.
    While we welcome open discussion and questions about current and possible future features and improvements to the game, we ask that you refrain from making assumptions and accusations about other players and changes to the game.
    If you have further questions please send me a direct message.
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    This  situation is a kind of  perturbing me at many levels.  First I saw the screenshots.  And I have to admit that one player doing close to 30 000 rottens kills on a mission while the other do around 6000 - 7000  is very unsettling.  I have never seen that.  I don't know much about the Alexendria project and it's implications but one thing is obvious to me.... if one player enters a team and do that kind of killing.... it gives that team an unfair advantage over the other teams helping them to complete tiers faster.    I also agree with JZom on the point that, players  are competitive even within their own team.  They generally dont like not having a "fair" chance of putting their face on the tile. Am I right or completly off the topic?  I seem to be walking on eggs here... and I don't like that.
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    Jzom you telling me some players got to play rotten baits for free while all us other players had to spend money looking for rotten rescues. I’d like to see that list :)
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    I really understand what @JZom say. It might be not really fair when such special missions count to the boards. I didn't see the screenshot you posted, but from what you wrote it sounds unfair.

    But on the other side, Nextgames need players who tests those new features. There is no other benefit in playing such missions, so I think it might be okay when it count to the boards. But if there is such a hugh gap between testers and payers, there should be a compensation for those, who payed a lot to get those counts.

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    If it makes the game work I’m all for it! 
    Ensuring the game runs smooth reduces the frustration of the wider playing community, only the highest top teams race not all teams do, most teams simply want a platform that’s functioning and fun! 
    NG have to do whatever it takes to improve playability and introduce new features that keep us interested so for me I would rather they do that how they see works best than to rely on implementation then mass frustration when things fail.
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    Although I 100% understand JZom's frustration to the situation, and I partly agree that having advantage in "race" is very poor balance-wise, I just want to point out that most, if not all, players from top10 to top30 are paying probably between 5 to 50 bucks a month, and that the racing teams are only top 1-3/4. And yes, those top1-4 teams probably spend almost as much as the 10 teams below them, however there is still a good cause for Alexandria project, and the possible side-effects such as creating "beta" or "testing" content to a handful of players and they using it to progress board slightly faster is both unfair but also necessary, if they want to release new content which is tested by actual players. New content is there to serve all players, and probably mostly top 10-200 teams, and should be balanced around those - not just top teams. But creating imbalance between racing teams is just very bad planning overall.

    I think the whole balance issue is far greater than just the new Alexandria project, it's about bugs that most of top teams and only minority of mid-tier teams uses, it's about using dummy accounts who has been collecting energy just to spend 1000 energy on infestations quickly and logging your main account in after that, and so on and so on.. There are so many different balance issues that I really don't know where to begin.

    Then there's the whole topic of legendary guns being so poor compared to any others guns on higher level players, but I guess that's already an old topic that just should be forgotten.
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    Unless the game you create is Flappy bird 🤣
  • it's obvious from all the posts, that this game is no longer enjoyable for you JZom...   so why are you still playing?   And I'm not saying that to be snarky, I'm honestly curious here.   I'm trying to understand the blatant hostility in your posts. 

    I can understand staying due to curiosity about the tournament - it's something new, therefore interesting. so of course you're gonna want to check it out thus that could explain why you're still playing.    But bottom line is that this is a game, and should be fun for you to play.   If you're not having fun, just quit the game and find another that you do have fun playing. 

    Master Series for me,  I ended up (thus far anyway lol) in the #1 spot in my group, playing to my teams current board needs while doing it, and used less than my existing grenade cap (which is maxed out btw) to do so.   And I had fun!  AND I dont know ANYONE in my current group either LOL - I'd love the ability to chat with the group and get to know some more players.   Plus do some fun smak talk. But I digress....

    No game developer is going to make everyone that plays their game happy...   hell, that's just life in general.  No boss is gonna make all their employees happy all the time, no parent is gonna make their kids happy all the time etc....  Thems just the facts of life LOL.   

    This game does offer a variety of ways to enjoy it, depending on your game style... do you want something social, well - you have teams that you can find a happy home with ....  do you enjoy the rush of a leaderboard - well, there's teams here that that is exactly their focus...  do you like to pay to play or play for free?  there are teams that cater to that as well.   Does the game offer variety during the year vs just one static thing all the time - you bet it does.   

    Do they listen to the players - yes, yes they do... Ive played since jump and I have seen player suggestions become realized in the game since inception.   I also have a player on my team whos account got hacked, and NG worked with them until it was fixed, and they did so in a timely fashion.  

    As to your original post on this thread, if you have players on your team in the Alexander Project, they are allowed to say they are in the project...  they just cant talk about what is going on IN the project.  And the Project was opened up to all players to apply for!   Did you apply? You may have been a wonderful asset if you had.  

    Also, as a fairly hard core player, and one who sinks a lot of cash in this game, I can easily see, even not being in the project and testing something, that I could have easily zapped the amount of rottens you described.   All it would have taken is finding a good spot with them and using maps to keep having at em!  But from your post, it seems you were more upset that it wasn't your name on the tile.  Which leads me to believe that your enjoyment in the game comes from leading the pack in your group?  And there is nothing wrong with that!  That drive is another that a lot of players enjoy, and they'll find a team where they can be that top dog and their team loves them for it.   Side note:  I did not see the pics that were posted before they were removed. 

    I also know a lot of players in top teams that once they clear the 25 tiers, they either go to a farm team they've created or go off to help other teams climb the boards...  in the latter case, you could easily see a couple of players names suddenly dominate the teams boards.  But will also say, in that case, the team knows these friends of the team are coming in to help out.   

    Maybe I'm lucky, I've played in various teams over the past few years, met great people, and each team has fit my game needs/social needs along my journey as a player.   Thus I still enjoy this game.   

    NazzaPain Walker
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    @JZom , nope, that's borderline toxic, and I would like to remind you that it's literally rule number 1 of this forum. No one likes to read angry rants with nothing constructive on them.

    I will address the tiny bits of constructive criticism in your post.
    1. I have no idea what's with PvP. I have heard it's a WiP, but I have difficulty even imagining how can there be a meaningful balanced PvP when a difference in 1 level between weapons is so significant.
    2. Account hack issue is totally a WiP, that's for sure. Thanks to early reports, it's been in work for quite a while now. I understand the frustration of players who suffered from this, and it hurts me that I cannot provide any details on this as they are not known to anyone except NG employees. If there's a solution, it's on its way, but there is no way to speed up the solution. Throwing more people doesn't work, that's akin to saying that 3 women can bear a child in 3 months. As a matter of fact, in most short to medium term works adding more people only slows down the process, so all we can do is cross our fingers that the dev team comes up with the solution ASAP.
    3. You clearly don't work in IT, don't you? Stuff doesn't happen that fast, sorry :( Tournament is here because it was approved at least a year ago, scheduled to be in development and people started working on it at least half a year ago. By the time the log in mix up bug was reported, the tournament's probably already been through early alphas and closed betas.

    Please be civilized and follow the rules. I understand the reason for your anger, but simply expressing it won't solve anything.

    P.S. Ayla, an incredible write up!
    "Bemxuu way is the only way" (c Filipe 2021)
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    @JZom your posts are always heated. If you don't like the game or NG why not move on. Some of us use this game as an escape from the crap we go through in real life. Everything you post is toxic. Please let the ones who enjoy the game enjoy the game. Hearing your complaining all the time is so old. This is a game to enjoy, if you don't like it move to something else.
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    TO EVERYONE,  I think you are going a little hard on JZom.  He has the right to bring some negative points in here.  Ok, he does not always has the right choice of words... 😉.  The facts that he reported here were indeed troubling and I was glad that he brought it here.  He was not nice on me on one of my post and we took that in private and everything is fine now.   I don't want this place to be  an "everything is perfect, we love you for everything" kind of place.  I especially don't like when some of you suggest that he goes playing another game because he is unhappy.  Being unhappy does not mean that you don't like the game anymore.  I am unhappy about the spoofers  and Filipe closed my discussion about it.  It's fine.  I got my answers.   As for JZom,  yes, some of his posts were a little "toxic" but from what I was told and reading , it's because he has not received satisfactory answers to his questions from Next Game. 

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