It's been 35 years

My best friend. My buddy-we found drinking together. We spent so many night rooting for cans and finding enough to turn those into can machines that gave change for a pound or two of aluminum. Enough for a gallon of Thunderbird or Nighttrain. (Neither made anymore) Now he turns his back on me after I've made mistakes, changed directions over a dozen times in my life,  been a pauper, been a begged, been on the high end of middle class and gave $10 to paupers and beggars. Tells me he still loves me. "Come over and bring that bottle of alcohol with you" he says. I want to show you how much I'm still in love with you" I'm sitting and waiting for my mind to make a decision. ............... I'll delete this later 


  • BemxuuBemxuu Member Posts: 52
    The choice is always yours to make, Diva. I hope you made one your future self won't ever regret :)
    "Bemxuu way is the only way" (c Filipe 2021)
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