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    This is okay. It's just like bait. But I'm wondering why... it doesn't seem to help with the challenge boards, and the rewards (packs for finishing a stage) don't seem to be very exciting. There doesn't seem to be a purpose to it, unless people just *have* to be first in their group? 

    If there were better rewards (or special rewards) it might be more worthwhile to put in some time and effort.
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    AK_Slayer said:
    Regarding a grenade cap. The assumption that a huge score equals a huge amount of grenades is false. I know many players that can put up a score between 5-7+ million on a single bait round with only a handful (under 10) of grenades. Having a ton of grenades is not going to help much if ya don’t have the weapons to back it up. So I’m gonna be in the no grenade cap camp. 

    This is as wrong as it can get.

    Im beating 360+ power guys left and right with my 297 power epics. It's because of the grenades. At 7 mill mark I can shoot 8 bullets with Piledriver between Slims eyes and it doesn't die, so basically every single kill I get after 4.5-5mill score is because my grenade instantly kills it - I have completely stopped shooting at 6mill mark and I am getting better results than actually shooting, because I concentrate only on throwing grenade to the exact spot where it kills from left, right and center.

    Your guns can only get you so far... And how far, that depends on your Guns power (damage). When you are at the cap of a) grenade not killing with single explosion or b) weapon damage not being relevant, you depend on the other or you die. Before that, you can get as far as your grenade damage (and amount of grenades) carries you, or if your guns are at somewhere around 380+ power, maybe you can get a bit further.

    I havent been able to get to the score where Walkers actually dont die to grenades, so my assuption at this point is that if you throw your grenades absolutely perfectly one after another, you cannot die, making grenade cap the only bottle neck.

    I have now died twice at around 8mill score because I ran out of my 29 grenade cap.

    So all in all, I would say that the higher your grenades power is compared to your guns, the more relevant the grenades are. If you got 400 power guns, you can probably get to 4-5mill without tossing grenades. But after that you need to start throwing them because your guns wont kill walkers with 1 bullet.
  • SO!  Just for giggles, and because I was totally curious...   I bit the bullet and did a round using ONLY grenades'. 
    I did not fire my weapon one time.   I am in the Champion round testing this. 

    This is what I learned, and my personal experience obviously -  figured I'd share. 

    A) frustrating...  have to toss one just to get them going so have to throw alll the way to the back :ugh: 
    B) frustrating... if one comes zipping at your face right at the corner you want to hit it with your gun, but since just using naids, I didnt and it got me every time!  Another :ugh: moment.
    C) DEFF requires the right t hero (hero kills do count, just dont count towards the doubler!)
    E) ONLY scored in the 12 mil range
    F) used 135 naids!! geesh...    give or take, I may have missed a count in an "eek" moment (referring back to B) 

    SO!  For those saying naids should be capped - I totally disagree - its a combo of your hero/weapon/naids/headshot skills
    that gets you to the top in scoring. 

    Details of what I used:

    Naids:  My carols fireworks is level 8 - so I have a 30% range
    Rositas Dynamite Bundle is maxed out at 24 

    Hero/Weapon set up:
    Spot 1:  Alpha (level 5) with Jackhammer Max Level 24
    Spot 2:  Beta (level 11)  with Vulture Pistol level 14 
    Spot 3: Rare Morgan (max level 24)  with Ocelot Level 14

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    I like the feature its great having something different!  a question on the Rewards on round 6, what is the 158 in the end column for? the numbers dont add up so just wanted to know what the 158 is?
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    @BobE1985 The number listed in "Total Cards" Column is the total number of Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common Cards you will recieve . The numbers under Legendary, Epic, Rare and Common indicate the guaranteed amount of those cards you will receive, the remaining cards will be random amounts of the various card types.  Wild Cards are seperate from the "Total Cards". 

    So if Total Cards is 158 and Wild Cards are 23 you will receive 158 + 23 for a total of 181 card.
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    Thanks for clearing that up, surely having all cards included into the total would of made more sense, as on first glance without your explanation people would think either everyone is getting the same amount of cards or somebody’s calculator is broken. ;) thanks for the clarification. 
  • I don't think grenades should be an issue. People advance in the game with money, it's normal in these. What i disagree is everyone else being left behind. You can only get so far each season this way and now pitted against other individuals it makes it stand out even more. Only the higher level people are getting past Gold. So why not group up everyone according to certain level caps. Gotta give the little guy incentives to keep going. If not then no reason to participate in this event, most of my people just focus on the board and could care less about the event because of that gap.
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    Feedback regarding group rewards:

    For most players it is not possible, to get in ultimate, so they will not get a "good" group reward. But for Most is is possible, to get in champion, so i would suggest to get already some legendary cards as group reward in champion and more in ultimate.

    Thank you
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    basically I thought the event was great, but as the prescribers already mentioned, the grenades were pretty unfair.  I don't know how the groups were put together, but it was a bit unfair that there was a level 30 player with a level 22 player in a group, so it was clear who would win.  It was great that you played with so many other players from other groups.  a limit for the grenade launchers would be really great next time. Thanks for the funny time ! 
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    That tournament was a lot of fun. Me and my group enjoyed it, discussing lineups strategies, teasing each other :)

    - competition format was good, 2 days for each round is enough. there’s a bit of randomness as some groups are harder than others obviously. but in the end, the 6 rounds divided the players in divisions related to their cards power and abilities imho (and for some, purchasing power  lol, but as I’ll explain later, spending $ isn’t enough).

    - you were able to play and compete with players and friends from other teams.

    - it can be used as free bait for some board tiles.

    - sending your own group rewards that you earned for them (agreed that the range of players being able to do that could be expanded a bit)

    - rewards at the end are great for the highest ranked players but could be enhanced also on other tiers.

    - Multipliers were quite hard depending on the rounds and added some balance. So did the zombies lineup, fats and slims being not optimal for the best bait weapons.

    - Obviously your max baseline score is mostly related to the weapons power in your lineup, the higher, the better you may perform and reach a higher wave, and in the end a higher division.

    - So I like that this encourages some reluctant players to finally upgrade their weapons, taking advantage of the floor/PPL changes. And saying everybody should start with the same cards power feels a bit weird in a card collecting game, as it is the point of the game to upgrade your cards. (Spoiler : pink is the way)

    - The most strategic element is defining your lineup cards combos. Some are way better than others and Your baseline score can swing widely depending on the combos you are using. 

    - elephant in the room is that if you farm or buy extra grenades over the 29 limit, it gets you more points if you can throw them long enough, which ain’t a given. 

    I didn’t buy any until the last round tho. With only free nades I couldn’t have passed 27/28m last round imho, so I bit the bullet and bought one big grenade pack (for the first time ever lol) because I was having fun. This allowed me to get over 32m.

    But to achieve a really high score and full potential on all those premises, it does requires skills in the end, just throwing nades randomly and tapping wherever won’t get you that high. Those doing great scoring in baits should have gotten the rythm more easily. Good timing and headshots is key and precise grenade throws are not that easy. And the strategy in choosing the lineup matters the most imho. So if you just dump nades on a bad combo, thx for paying for Ng salaries I guess :)

    Consistency in getting a great score on all 3 rounds is also hard. so second elephant in the room, more tries obviously may help you achieve a better score. I only bought one ticket during the tourney, and  just saved my tickets on the earlier rounds when I didn’t need to do a better score.

    All in all a lot of fun thx 

    Hoping there will be another one !

  • Nachteule said:
    ........ I don't know how the groups were put together, but it was a bit unfair that there was a level 30 player with a level 22 player in a group, so it was clear who would win........

    I just wanted to expand on this part of Nachteule's comment -- the groups were totally random in how they were put together...   But as a level 30 player, going up against quite a few lower level players, it was not always a given!    Heck, I didnt even make it into the Ultimate round simply due to constantly playing with my combos LOL.  Which I did have fun testing out - even tho it was frustrating sometimes, it just egged me on to keep trying new combo's.    

    But to further hone in the point of a lower level player not beating a higher level player -  I had one player that is a lower level than myself in several round along the way...   I did beat this player in the rounds that I had with them.. however, where it counted (IE getting into Ultimate)  that same player was in a different group, and DID make it to Ultimate where I did not!      

    And the range of player level in Ultimate was decent I thought:  level 24 thru 31!      
    Heck in my last Champion Division I had level 22 on up to 30.   And that 22 beat a lot of the players that were higher level than them!

    @vicsark ..... well said all the way around!  I agree!

    It was SO much fun opening the team goodies - it was like early xmas presents, and really made the event SO much fun!
  • The players in ultimate were 29-31 on average. Only 7 below level 28 out of 98 total that I can see. I would disagree with calling that range decent. Like I said, it is unfair for lower level people unless you pay, much like that level 24 probably did, with 290 plus cards at lvl 24.. anyways wish you all the best, just sharing my two cents. Cannot care for this one event as is, good luck.
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    The multiplier is too important and too high. One missed shot drops it significantly and you don’t seem to be able to get it up again. Would have loved a more chaotic version where missed shots don’t matter and you can blast away. 

    Also some other challenge than the bait battle would be fun, Whisperers? Sudden waves of slims only, spikes only etc?
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    Mhhh then I did something wrong ;-) I didn't get gold and in the last two rounds I wasn't even in the top 7 (:-) but you're right, it was still fun!!! 
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    Hello guys! Thank you for all of this, this has been really helpful! 

    Stay safe!
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    The master series needs to have limits per round on how many grenades you have at the start of each round.  I’ve purchased grenades before and have use up to 50 in one round.  And while it was awesome I see how it can be completely unfair for those who don’t buy them. 
    I propose that there is a 20 grenade limit per round, that way after your first round you can exit and refill your grenades from crates and then go back in.  Those who have 500 will only have access to 20 in each round.  Then you can truly see who has the skill by using what your given.  That is my only problem with it.  
    Plus,  then everyone can’t say anything about grenades.  I sometimes use 40 grenades maybe even 50 and other times I use 5 to 10.  It does depend on the round.  It’s just a recommendation or thought.
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    it can't be that you are drawn in the Master Series with other players in a group who are all represented in the top 20.  and the worst (from the player level) should be with someone from ZHH CW1 or 555 or deadmontown etc., all over player level 30!  compete ... that makes the whole thing nonsensical (for player level 26) ... you can't explain to me that there can be no fairer division.  we are not even in the top 200 so there will probably be enough other combinations of player groups than that we “foot soldiers” have to compete with the royal class and clearly cannot keep up….  please that is not meant disrespectfully.  you up there in the top 200 are doing great!  Respect!
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