Missions not registering

Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 81
I'm reading lots of of people having their missions not register and having to reboot the game many times. Anyone know what's going on?


  • BemxuuBemxuu OW Moderator Posts: 52
    Hey, @Brand_e13! I had the same issue today. It looked like my missions were not registering, but all the progress done was reappearing after reboot. The time I observed the issue matches your comment, so I will make sure this is seen and passed on to the team :) Thank you for your report!
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  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 76
    Yes.  Was much worse last weekend.  Had it happen again yesterday.  If you email support, you'll be told it is your phone, and to uninstall and reinstall the game
  • Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 81
    but how is it my phone when 90% of my team is having the same issue? I did contact support, no reply yet.
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