Cool idea for mission notifications on map.

Here is a cool idea. So it would be nice to see a dot, maybe green, at the top of each of these icons that would notify us that this mission is board related. So say if there are Rotten's inside and we need Rotten's then a green dot will show up at the top of the diamond.
Take this one step further there could be Red, Yellow and Green dots'
Red = Board related Mission but selected hero and weapon do not match any that are required.
Yellow =  Board related Mission but selected hero or weapon do not match best/optimal that are required.
Green = Board related Mission and selected hero and weapon do match best that are required.


  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 91
    @DakilangSisa I like that idea since I have the bad habit of focusing on one mission and missing good opportunities for others... than when i realized it I have to go back through all the flares over and over again to do the ones I missed.  lol
  • DakilangSisaDakilangSisa Member Posts: 9
    Same here
  • ItsAndyItsAndy Member Posts: 12
    Doesn't it already have icons highlighting what boards  or missions it covers  on weapons & characters when selecting encounter???
  • DakilangSisaDakilangSisa Member Posts: 9
    @ItsAndy No there aren't any icons yet highlighting specific missions/tiles. My idea is more of a, "Hey there. Check your cards. You may not have the best ones selected yet."
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 108
    This would help a great deal
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