Permanent Flare/Safe House

Be awesome if we could get a permanent flare/safe house. Ideally it would be great to be able to build a trading post and flag it as like a home base. And be able to jump to it at anytime like a permanent flare. Only allowing one permanent base/flare at a time. 

Sucks being at work and not having a lot around me to play. Be great to jump to one near my home where there always a lot to do and being able to keep up with my safe houses around there.


  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 145
    I would like to add on to this.  I. Had an idea of every player has there own like you said base flare.  When I am out playing I’d like a way to be able to jump back to my safe houses and unload my survivors so I can get more.  My team and I have some pretty good leveled safe homes And like to keep building on it. 
  • Margiesmart8Margiesmart8 Member Posts: 3
    Great idea 
  • MaeLDuiNMaeLDuiN Member Posts: 39
    Yes let me make that sweet 30 small missions + 6 infs my "home" location alongside with my actual home location, so I don't need a single flare from this point to the end of time.
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 136
    edited January 2021
    @RedsWorld Take a look at my suggestion  New building type: The Watchtower
      give me feedback please  It's on page 3 of the suggestion and ideas.

  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 136
    it's been there for quit some time now,  and the feedback was good .  Even Felipe wrote me about it.
  • scottmag14scottmag14 Member Posts: 55
    How about a Super flare?   A spot light?  Put it over you home or where ever and it lasts for a week?  
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 145
    @Marbo417 any word about the watch tower?
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