Deadmonton completes 25

centerpunchrcenterpunchr Member Posts: 30
Woohoo! What a ride you crazy killers. Each of you doing your own awesome thing in our nutty, weird DM family of killers. Killing and chilling our way through, well done! 

Now to enjoy some fabulous farming action and plenty of pink-y goodness. Enjoy you earned it! 


  • liftindivaliftindiva Member Posts: 25
    edited January 20
    We Keep rock-n and roll-n
  • DiamondGirlDiamondGirl Member Posts: 7
    Amazing everyone! So proud to be a part of the DM family. 🥰
  • BemxuuBemxuu OW Moderator Posts: 52
    Congratulations on this grand achievement! ^_^ Proud of you, guys!
    "Bemxuu way is the only way" (c Filipe 2021)
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 91
    What amazes me is that you keep doing it season after season.  It is proof of very good team management and players' dedicated contribution!   Great job.
  • liftindivaliftindiva Member Posts: 25
    edited February 16
    We all pull our own weight and leave the drama behind. That's how it keeps getting done. During race, all conversation revolves around the boards so we move like lightning
  • AshyslashyAshyslashy Member Posts: 44
    Congratulations y'all!
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