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As you play through "Survivor Masters: Paris" we encourage you to share your constructive feedback, both positive and negative in this thread. Your feedback from SM: New York has been very valuable as we continue to make improvements and evaluate how certain elements (like grenades) effect the Tournament.
In SM:Paris you will notice changes to the number of walkers per stage, multiplier requirements and individual rewards. We are continuing to listen to your feedback as we make adjustments for future Survivor Masters Tournaments.
Please be sure to bring specific arguments for supporting your statements. Simple comments saying you like it or hate it do not help us to understand what is working well, and what needs to be looked into.

The FAQ of the Survivor Masters Series can be found here. If you have any questions, please use the General Discussions section or the Bug Reports section for technical problems - this thread is for feedback only. Thank you for understanding.
We are looking forward to your feedback!


  • MaeLDuiNMaeLDuiN Member Posts: 39
    I was with Trumpf at the same group and agree with his observations.

    Although I am slightly salty that my 30 mill score wouldn't get me to Ultimate, and in another group that would have been the best score of that group, I have hope that with the 5th round, I have my another chance to get to the Ultimate (and this time around it seems 31.3 mill is enough).

    This was the score distribution of top10 at my group:

    34,3 mill
    33,7 mill
    32,1 mill
    31,8 mill
    30,1 mill
    27,7 mill
    22,9 mill
    22,6 mill
    20,6 mill
    20,1 mill

    I'd say that if you can get a 30 mill score, you most likely are within "top of the top" range of players that would get to Ultimate, if you only took, say top 50 players without taking into account what group they were in. But now there are groups where one can get to Ultimate with 26 mill scores, and then a group where even 32 mill isnt nearly enough. Although the same 32 mill score most likely end up at top20, if all the scores from round 4 Champion were listed from top to bottom without considering the groups as individuals but as a whole.

    That is why some form of change is needed to balance the system. For example, halve the amount of groups at Champion, but make more people (top 4-5) go through to the Ultimate - this would reduce the amount of groups so there's less chance to have "non-stacked" group where people with 25 mill scores wouldn't get to Ultimate. Or as Trumpf proposed, few best scores from those that ranked 3rd in their group. This would also make way more intense groups with a lot of people fighting for top 1-5 slots, making it waaay more interesting for those that really has a chance to fight for getting to the Ultimate (say top 1 to top 10 each group).
  • SnillipluffSnillipluff Member Posts: 3
    Repetitive with bait battles in the tournament. For Paris it would be fun with everyone let loose to roam Paris and win as many fights as possible within 10 minutes. Strategies would be applied. Better with infests or encounters? Many Rottens or few spikes gives me better points? Engage every fight along the way or roam further to be more picky?
  • AlphasDeltaAlphasDelta Member Posts: 41
    I Agree about the disconnect within the groups were put into and advancements as stated above. Something needs to give especially when advancing to Ultimate level.

    To me his tournament basically mimics the free world way of "He who spends the most $$$ wins. i.e. grenades. It is a grenade trap$$$$$

    Also, it seems again our hero and weapon levels are playing a huge significant part in the playing fields of each stage of this "Tournament"....exactly like in our Missions. 
    That is a problem to me. And thwarts my desire to actually play it as a tournament.

    In Tournament style play,  all players have an equal playing field advantage and the opportunity to play "the same game", as the others, at the same time,  and with the same challenge the other players are offered. Some players are better than others in that tournament and can even qualify for individual mvp status, in this same tournament. i.e. headshots like touchdowns equal more points.... 
    But, It's always the same field advantage, in the game. Some players are better but all have the same field advantage to do so.
    I feel we should all, disregardless of our game hero or weapon power levels should be opted the same level of the playing field advantage in tournaments. I've noticed most top players of the tournament comparing to their high profile levels have a very low hero, weapon power level. So even they are playing even lower level stages in this tournament than I.... i.e. they are able to stay in the field longer = more points. And I, playing higher level missions will never even get close to those incredibly high points.
    Maybe if -  keeping the levels realistic for everyone and not due to your personal hero and weapon power levels will create a more equal playing field. .
    Me .....I'm sure I'm playing stage levels 27, 28, 29 in Bronze because unfortunately thats my hero and weapon power levels in the actual game because unfortunately I'm  a mad grinder and have powered up my heroes and weapons to that level of mission play in the game. 😖(Upgraded power levels.....Partly due to the mandatory weekly upgrade 2 cards missions and party from the game requiring using the same heroes and weapons in the Tiles and Tier requirements and partly from only getting the same cards over and over in rewards...ugh) 

    Otherwise it really seems like say, in the same football game....making ea. receiver, on the same playing field, but pending on their stats must run individual lengths on the same field to make a touchdown. A 2nd string receiver only has to run 10 yards and it's a touchdown, but a better talented receiver must run 50 yards on that same field, in the same game, from the same position,  guarded by 3 times as many defenseman to be able to call it a touchdown....Or the best lineman must take down 2 quarterbacks in order to call it a sack or stop the ball. The 2nd string lineman only needs to take down 1 quarterback to stop the ball....Same Game, Same Field, but way different requirements for each player. That's not a Tournament. 
    I will saythis though "Tournaments"/baits are a very nice tool to use to advance the requirements of our tiles in our seasonal Tier gameplay but it's not a level enough playing field to call it a Tournament. 
  • FiriFiri Member Posts: 16
    Just off the top of my head, but you need to add score modifiers to weapon types 
    Right now there are a a handful of optimal weapons for this bait tourny (WP aside).

    And whoever brings the most grenades is autowin<- this will need to be addressed at some point. 
    The simplest is to make a second bait tourny only grenade you can start with or buy into (for coin or whatever). Someone who wants to p2w will win every time and have little to no skill as a factor. Not that this is a skill game anyway, but goes back to what you want out of this gamemode

  • LeanniejoLeanniejo Member Posts: 18
    I 100% agree with you Firi! This isn't congruent to game mode.
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 660
    Thank you for this guys, I will be sharing this with the team! Today, SM: Chicago will be starting and I will create a new Feedback post.

    We will be changing only the round lengths, but we plan to introduce more changes with future updates. Stay safe!
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