Free roam speed weekend issue coming up

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Ok, am I the only one that sees this as INCREDIBLY hypocritical?  The way I remember things going down was....cane gets release, people go fast....2 people complain that they’re not smart enough to turn off free roam to check spots and that the roam is too fast.  NG Nerfs cane into the stone ages because the cane is not supposed to make you go that fast because there’s no way you can see the spots going that fast, 99.9% of the player base gets pissed because for once a Legendary card is finally LEGENDARY and not another bottom of the trash heap weapon/hero that only gets used when you have to use it.  Ng gives cane speed back but at 1/2 original speed after another strike is threatened.  Now....we get a whole weekend of double speed......Why not give us something useful like a double blue/pink card weekend that will actually benefit players, not some event that most people have no need/want for.  

Please reconsider this event and replace it with something more useful (even a double armory/shelter weekend would be more helpful), but the fact remains that unless you’re planning on upping the drop rate, once you’re out of compasses, this event becomes totally worthless and we’re left with a 3 day event that contributes nothing.


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    First of all the Event Calendar didn't say that the speed will be doubled... it said increased. 

    During Compass duration increase the base duration was increased as well as the Compass card duration so I would assume they will boost base speed for people without Cane. 

    Second of all we just got unlimited epic weapons for a whole week so they won't give you double epics straight away after. 

    Third of all drop rates of compasses for stashes is doubled as part of relief measures and because you will be moving faster you will be reaching more stashes so bigger chance to get compasses back. 

    Fifth of all people will like this event because they liked old cane speed and we are getting old cane speed with this. If they do boost base speed + cane speed that would be one fast cane provided you have leveled up the cane. 

    So good Event IMO

    Probably making a video!

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    Wow buddy, they’ve been giving you a healthy dose of the Kool-aid ehe?

    You are correct, they didn’t say doubled, my mistake for not reading more carefully {I just assumed after the double timer event last season....again, my mistake).

    Unlimited epic weapons....yes you could buy as many weapons as you could farm, but still I would venture to guess that 90%+ of the player base’s “EPIC” weapons are only SLIGHTLY above 1/2 to their max and usually fall below the player’s optimum usage range for their individual PPL.  Hardly what I would consider “EPIC”.....don’t even get me started on “LEGENDARY” which has promised to be fixed for YEARS yet still nothing.

    Increased drop rates....I have gone from seeing 1-2 per week to seeing 3-4 so yes, they’ve doubled the drop rate but still hardly a beneficial change.

    Yes, people will like the increased speed. but how about just reverting it back ALL the way to where it was at release not at their apologetic 1/2 way fix.  If I remember YOU QUIT over this issue and now here you are back again rationalizing and trying to convince folks that “everything is gonna be great”. It just makes me wonder what you’re getting from all this, because for someone to a complete 180 from their original stance seems just a little suspect.

    Who knows, I could be totally wrong, and this coming weekend could be great with people zipping all over the place enjoying amazing compass drop rates and if so I’ll be the first to be back here to apologize for my shortsighted skepticism.  Until then I will remain steadfast in my position and opinion about this event.  All too often NG has served us all a soaking wet dookie sandwich and told us it was a french dip so pardon my jaded outlook that I will maintain until we actually get some change of real substance. 
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    We got the cane then it got nerfed then it got boosted a bit and now it gets turned into a weekend event with original speed which is awesome IMO because NG has listened to player rants before. Even if we get the original speed back for a couple of days every now and then it's still a good thing. 

    I personally suggested cane boost and compass boost weekend in the pinned Event suggestion thread. I am glad they are doing some new weekend events though improvements to certain ones can be made. 

    Probably making a video!

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    Completely agree pointless event 
  • MaeLDuiNMaeLDuiN Member Posts: 39
    I agree with PaintWalkers points.

    We are gonna get (probably) 50% increased speed to Free Roam. Both base speed and the additional speed from Cane card. That means we are seeing almost the same speed as we had for a short while when the speed was overbuffed by 100% when Cane card was released. Remember, people had level 3-4 Cane back then, now we are seeing level 7-8 Cane which provides a ton more speed. Also, Compass card is much higher, meaning we got a minute or two longer duration than we had when Cane was introduced. So all in all, I'd say we are at the same level of awesomeness of the bugged speed of Cane that we had when it was introduced.

    We did have unlimited Epic weapon cards event, so we wont be seeing that one for a while.

    Im getting 3-6 compasses every day at the moment and I am not moving from my apartment. All are gotten from Flares and with Free Roam. So yeah, double amount is a great addition to the current covid situation in the world.

    Miggz you are being butthurt. Compass was/is the best addition to this game since the release, and we having a bugged speed for a week doesn't mean we SHOULD have that speed - it was a mistake and it was corrected, and the current duration/speed is sufficient enough to play a lot of energy without moving a muscle from your home sofa.
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    I may be off-topic but does anyone knows when the cane will be available again for the ones who did not get it the first time?  Some of my teamates asked me that question.
  • Marbo417Marbo417 Member Posts: 171
    And concerning this topic more precisely,   I just want to say that for me, the addition of the free roam is one of the best feature of this game.  Often when I wake up late at night and there is no flare active in my team,  I just scratch one or two and go around my neighborhood untill my eyes close again.  I do agree that there are better events than this coming one but hey!  they can't be all the same.  Last one with the epic weapons was amazing. This one is ok.  I will probably take advantage of it somehow.....  late at night.   
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    2 compass related events within one season is kinda...meh. but, I can't complain too much as we have been able to find awesome spots we may not have found before. One of my teammates just traveled from Wales to Ireland last night lol

    But, I will agree there are much better events we could have had. The events this season have been pretty bland.

    (Also, PW is obsessed with the cane, so you talk bad about his precious and he isn't going to like it 🤣)
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