I think the game should include a minimum number of rescues to maintain a level. Safehouses get impossible to maintain at higher levels because you can only upgrade them. 


  • MadriusMadrius Member Posts: 44
    Yes, I agree and for many reasons: for what DeadscopeXXX said and because each player choose his own strategy, choosing to advantage weapons or heroes or perks... or to upgrade slowly but all his cards. And in fact, many players choose weapons (armor) or gold (trading post). So mission with huge number of rescues for a precise type of buildings is awful and generate problems among the teams.
    So I think that mission with rescues for a precise type of buildings have to be very light.
    And you can keep mission for general rescues for all type of buildings.
  • scottmag14scottmag14 Member Posts: 40
    We should be allowed to self-demolish the safe houses we built.  Maybe the original location is bad.  Maybe we need a different type....
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