Can't even read the support response

Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 108
When my account got reset yesterday I could still see notifications from my group about flares but I couldn't actually access them.

Today I could see a preview of a notification on my phone outside of the game that was from the support team. I could only see the first line. When I logged in to read it there was nothing there. 

It's like everything is still going to my original account but I can't access any of it.  I can only see the preview notification on my phone outside of the game.  If the team did ask for more information I can't see the full message so I don't even know how to respond. Just thought I should let you know @NG_Filipe.  If more info is needed I don't how else to communicate but from here.


  • babsDbabsD Member Posts: 1
    I have the same thing
  • FFSFFS Member Posts: 36
    I got a message along the lines of that they have/will lock my account while it is being fixed. But half an hour later I could still start the game. Maybe not locked yet.
  • jvg3jvg3 Member Posts: 9
    Same here! All I could read was that my account is being locked while trying to restore it. Whereas in the support chat there is no response from the support team.
  • Brand_e13Brand_e13 Member Posts: 108
    Mine just got banned while they work on it.  The ban looks like it's for a week. Hopefully it doesn't take that long.
  • Vfemme17Vfemme17 Member Posts: 1
    This is the screen I get now. Are you kidding me?
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 650

    This means that they are getting close to or actively working on resolving the issue for your account. They have to suspend accounts to be able to restore them so that you are not playing on the account during the restoration process. 
  • AlphasDeltaAlphasDelta Member Posts: 46
    Using the words "You have been BANNED" is a terrible choice of words.....Dang....Im thinking I have a rogue player doing some shady stuff to get banned over and here...his account has been actually just locked, suspended or shut down that NG can fix this "Cyber Shitstorm of an issue(as Abraham would say).....j.s. words matter😉
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 650
    @AlphasDelta the screen clearly  lists what is happening. The system is default set for handing account bans which is why the reason is listed as Maintenance: We are working on recovering your account. Players also received a push notification from the game letting them know their accounts would be locked for the account recovery process. 

    You have been banned

    Maintenance: We are working on recovering your account 
  • AazZtekAazZtek Member Posts: 3
    Yes they’re working on our accounts and said we will graciously be compensated for the issue. I suggest maybe just put my player to level 30 and we’ll call it even😁😂
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