My account was gone

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I'm playing game suddenly game was stopped when I restart it my account was gone how I got it again


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    The same thing happened to me and my husband!  We were both level 20 and it made us both start from the beginning. Help!!!
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    I know this is frustrating.

    NG is aware of the issue and investigating. For right now let's allow them to take care of the first issue and then they will work on fixing this issue for everyone.
    DARKLIGHT here Beserkers group.. level 25..

    my game has been wiped clean and now I’m on tutorial at the beginning. All my work and grinding for over a year is gone 
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 619
    I know this is frustrating.  NG has everyone working on this right now so we just need to give them time to work. 
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    My account is gone!  Everything I’ve been working on for over a year is gone. Was at level 25 now I’m at the tutorial level. Help!  This can’t be happening. 

    Anyone from Rick’s Ruffnecks this is Jackson. I’ll be back once they fix the problem. Lucille don’t kick me out. 
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    Anyone from Moes Tavern 
    I haven’t left I’ve been wiped out and will hopefully be back when they fix the problem 

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    So I have a question. I’m not exactly sure how game progress is saved. I use an iPhone so my game is saved in Game Center. But when I got knocked down from level 29 to level 1 this morning is my old level 29 game still saved? Or did this new level 1 account overwrite it? Is that even possible? Should I shut off the save account button in my game for now or leave it on?
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    @Jax14 NG is working on this..let's give them. Time to work and they will post on the forums.whe  they have an update. Keep an eye on the Announcements
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    Same with me my account is gone... So how we can finish the challenge if we cannot support our group. Same issue some players in my group. Pls extend the challenge to let us finish it 
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    Anche per stessa cosa ero livello 9 ed ora si é resettato tutto
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    Same, also auto game save was set so it *has* overwritten my Lvl21 game with the new lvl1. I tried to log in through Google play and it took me to my new lvl 1 game. Ffs. 
    Disgusting new updates aren't tested before being applied.
    Ive completely lost trust and faith in Next Games after this, yet another update badly planned and poorly tested. 

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    @Wolfe this has nothing to do with an untested game update.  NG hasn't put out a game update since December. 

    Here is an update on the situation...
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    3 of us in our clan had the same thing happen
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    This huge will perhaps completely destroy the game. I think taht many players won't go back to the game.... and some couldn't. I play on professional Iphone then I can't have Game Center on it.. not sure that I can recover my account... and I won't begin again from the level 1!!!
    But if NG fix it... it will deserve a huge huge compensation!!! all time, energy, level, survivors on safe houses, progression on season... all lost!!!
  • BogacBogac Member Posts: 2
    Are next games are kidding with us! God knows how much I spended for this game since 2 years! Since this morning, I and some of my bodies in my group had same issue... We started from level 1 again. So you need to compensate our lost! Time is counting and I am the best player in my group. So who will finish the challenges  mission? You need to compensate us otherwise l will ask to all my friends to erase this game.
  • At least 9 + hours now. It is frustrating. 3 of us in the group can’t play...3 of the top players in our group. Compensation definitely needs to be well thought out. Losing so much time that we can’t get back....
  • WizzardWizzard Member Posts: 2
    Mostly pissed because it’s finals week at we have a good shot at finishing champion levels.  But with two L29 players out, we probably won’t make it.  Compensate us fairly, not just a couple of flares and some energy.  
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    @all give support time to resolve this issue first, unfortunately it’s Valentine’s Day and the weekend.  Once issues are resolved then compensation can follow.
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    rovin said:
    Anyone from Moes Tavern 
    I haven’t left I’ve been wiped out and will hopefully be back when they fix the problem 

    Hi Rovin, Roll a pickle here, I got reset too. 
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    I went to play this morning and my game progress was all gone making me start back from the beginning.  I was level 24 and a leader in my group.  My name in the game is Sapphire the group is Zombee Killerz. Please help.   Please please please...
  • babixbluzbabixbluz Member Posts: 7
    Hopefully you guys get this fixed before the new mini season starts.   This really sucks.  We play hard in this game.  I've done everything that you guys asked sent the message with all the information you requested so hopefully you guys can fix this.
  • AntoniobobbystAntoniobobbyst Member Posts: 18
    Same problem guys.. Will we lose our rewards?? 
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    @Antoniobobbyst they are working to restore accounts quickly and once they have the situation rectified they will then handle any other situations that might occur during that time. 
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    I want to know why I was banned from the game and now the ban won't be lifted until February 22 so now I have to wait 7 more days to play.  I go to get on the game and it says I was banned.   Anybody else having this problem.   So im guessing we won't be compensated cause or the ban.   How do you get banned without and explanation.   Im completely pissed off about this.   I spent so much money on this game with the in app purchases and this is what you guys do.   This is not cool at all.    Very upset 😡 gamer.
  • babixbluzbabixbluz Member Posts: 7
    So you're telling all of us who lost our acct that we were banned.  I know im not the only one pissed about this. 
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    The message on the banned screen clearly read 
    You have been banned 

    Maintenance: We are working on recovering your account 
     NG has to suspend access to accounts so that they can restore your account. The reason for this is that if you are active on your account during the restore process you risk overriding the restore.  The time frame is simply the default "banned" time frame and is set long enough to prevent the suspended account from becoming active during the restore process.This is a temporary thing and will last only as long as it takes to restore your account. They are working in batches of accounts so your account may not be in the same part of the process as other players accounts. 

    NG also sent out push notifications about this  via the game to effected players. 
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    babixbluz said:
    So you're telling all of us who lost our acct that we were banned.  I know im not the only one pissed about this. 
    Yes we all got the same message.  It should have read suspended not banned. I know it's frustrating as the wording sounds harsh but the result is the same we are all out of the game while they work to restore it.
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    Ist es denn richtig für die Wiederherstellung, dass ich mit dem Namen, den ich vom System erhalten habe, verbunden bin oder ist es besser, das Tutorial nochmal zu spielen und sich nicht zu verbinden ?
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    Right now NG is actively preparing to restore effected accounts. This means you will soon lose access to the game while they work on the restore.  Please see the update from NG in the  Announcement Category
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