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    My group is on 25.3, but a quarter of us were reset/banned, so they are falling further behind pace by the min but doing everything they can (using flares, gold & real $) to try to be in a position to actually finish if this mess gets fixed.  I don't think it is too unreasonable a request to ask for some sort of update that everyone know when that might happen.
    It wouldn't take ten mins to put together an update with some actual substance in it. 

    Do they have a fix yet?  
    Rough timeline to implement, hrs or day(s)?
    Are the board reqs going to modified?  

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    NG is working to restore accounts. Any changes to the game or compensation cannot occur  until after accounts have been restored. That is the first priority and any changes could effect their ability to restore accounts. 

    They have posted a new update.
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    no compensation of wasted flares
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    While I appreciate the compensation that NG is offering to affected players and teams, it does not account for the many teams that will fall short of their goals and have to repeat tiers they otherwise wouldn't have. We've lost over a third of our team for over 24 hours now.  No doubt NG has been working tirelessly to fix the issue(s) - thank you for that, but as mentioned earlier in this thread, I also think nerfing the boards is appropriate.  
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    @7d8 part of the compensation for all includes:

    Additionally, for all players in the game, we have increased the Season End Rewards to be a tier higher than where your group finishes the Season. For example, Tier 10 Season End Rewards will now be Tier 11 Season End Rewards.

    Edit: Also this is the last week for the challenge
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    All guilds will receive tier completion rewards regardless of which board they are on?
  • hardtofindnamehardtofindname Member Posts: 5
    Guild rewards will just be one tier higher
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    What happens if you are on and no longer going to be able to finish tier 25? 5 high level players out of the game for what equates to 1/5 of the week (allowing cooldown, but only if we get accounts back now!) a lot of our team has put money in this season to be able to say we beat tier 25 for it to be snatched away through no fault of our own in the final days of the season. Also great if your on tier 1-24, you get the tier above EOS rewards, those of us on tier 25 get exactly what we would anyway (especially as we ended last week on 25.2) so all the time/resources and money this week is nothing but a waste. Can see a lot of players myself included not spending any more money on this game, if we even keep playing it at all! Nerf the tiles across the whole game, give people a chance to achieve the goal they set out for themselves before a problem on NG’s end wiped out any chance, taking with it a lot of the players enthusiasm!
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    Compensation is an actual joke, we would have finished on ultimate anyway, but now we won’t get champ 5 tier 3 board rewards. What about the guys that blew a load of flares and roams (they ain’t cheap) i know we did and then not be able to use them. I think NG should be completing the current board you are on and reimbursing players for anything the purchased or used since board start.  Poor show NG, your going to loose players and money over this.
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    truly compensation like joke.
    +1Leg +1Wild card for all, but now we can't get packs on 3 board with 10+Leg cards.
    bunch of flares wasted when this happend not counted.
    10k tokens? we can do more in wasted time, much more.
    Energy always need, thanks, but 200... in wasted 24+hours on high level boards we collect and spend bit more :-)
    bike? are you sure everyone love it? and even it not compensate flares and energy
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    I gave up mailing issues as it was never dealt with proper and at times insulting so better to save heartache.. now we have another major issue the potential fallout for them if not done proper is massive.. feedback im getting from friends that are in some of the top teams and spend big $$ is that some are leaving had enough and alot are on fence with rage quit or stay... NG you need to act swiftly and without a doubt be carefull not to pushplayers to leave with insulting compensation... yes i seen your proposal but that only adresses some things.. if i was still in top group and chasing 25 i would be one of the ones deleting game.. giving away a victory for completing all tiers especially if first time does not come anywhere close to compensate.. be like giving me a ballroom dancing trophy with my name on it to brag about yet i cant dance 😂😂😂 .. Nerfing the tier by 50% or so early on mighta been option but that window might be closed or closing to matter now.. i feel for all those affected .. all companies have issues, its how you deal with them and turning an unhappy customer into a happy one again that matters.. look at apple as example, they used to swap phones in minutes after checking fault and pissed person from phone not working for a period was very happy again.. fix issue properly NG and you can salvage this.. fail and its a very costly mistake... 
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    sasbalas said:
    truly compensation like joke.
    +1Leg +1Wild card for all, but now we can't get packs on 3 board with 10+Leg cards.
    bunch of flares wasted when this happend not counted.
    10k tokens? we can do more in wasted time, much more.
    Energy always need, thanks, but 200... in wasted 24+hours on high level boards we collect and spend bit more :-)
    bike? are you sure everyone love it? and even it not compensate flares and energy
    While I do agree that most of the compensation is quite a joke, I would like to point out something.

    Few leg cards to players below Tier 25 is still a little. Not much obviously, but a little. It is possible that the group could have finished the 3rd board, and proceed to deal with 1st, even 2nd, board of the next tier. Now they might miss out that chance, so obviously the loss was a lot more than just 1 extra level of Season End reward that they might miss out on. I'd say all players should be compensated with 1 leg, 2 epic, 3 rare cards per Tier they are at the End of the Season. So if you are at Tier 18, you get 18 Legs, 36 Epics, so on.. This way you compensate players that played MORE to push boards even while discouraged to play because of occuring bugs in the game, while also compensating Teams/Players that are unable to finish a Board (and by extension, not receive 5, 10 maybe even 15 Leg card rewards because of this situation).

    Flares wasted: Now this is the bigger/biggest issue. Not only because there were Flares that were "lost" because of server downtime/time of these errors happening, where people couldnt or wouldnt log in. But also because we needed to put out MORE flares during the next 24 hours just to compensate the loss of several players in the group. A couple of compensation Flares to every player should be given out because of this fact. There are players that pay tens, even hundreds, of euros or dollars monthly to use tons of Flares - and now they needed to spend those Flares just to compensate the loss of players.

    10k Tokens: Again, this is something. If you were at T25, you most likely spent a ton of energy on Bases, Specific Walker kills and Whisperers - all which give little to no tokens. If you were in T10, you probably would have played maybe 50-100 missions during that 24 hours, while not get even close to 10k Tokens. So I think this is still something in between, and obviously this is a bad deal to players who push high number of missions daily/weekly, and good to those that dont push hard.

    Energy: Well, all I can say is that 200 energy doesn't help in any way. You can collect over 150 energy every 4 hours. If you get a pile of 200 Energy at a random time that doesn't fit well to your gaming schedule, well then it would be the same as getting 0 energy, since you could have just collected the same amount of energy from crates.

    Bike: Well this is actually a good compensation. You get free energy, free gold (which you can obviously use to purchase lost Flares, for example), and you get better visual of your surroundings + increased area of missions that you can play. For free. This is worth a couple of euros even if you were a casual, non paying player, so I wouldn't complain.

    All in all: I think the compensation was decent if you consider a player that maybe isn't too active, maybe doing 500-1000 missions weekly. I wouldn't complain if I were that person.
    However, when you look at the situation from the Groups perspective, these compensations are not nearly enough. The biggest losers of this situation are the players that did not get this bug. They needed to push harder, spend money on energy, etc., while they are getting no compensation whatsoever. And that needs to be corrected.
  • sasbalassasbalas Member Posts: 23
    also they stole my legendary Maggy, from 7 to 9 cards, i upgraded she before reset
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    Be happy you received compensation had issues with my account for 3 months lost accounts other people playing on my account etc only received back what I lost rather than any compensation I guess if it’s only affected a few people that doesn’t matter 
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    I really don't care for the compensation offered - the 10K spikes are a waste of time as Winslow's Revenge is the worst event ever and the rest is just whatever.

    What means far more to me is being able to enjoy completing boards with the group I was in before the issue.

    They have issued a supposed fix that does not work for me.  How can I ask the group leader to kick me out when I can't access the chat?

    My group lists me as a member but I can't chat with them or view the board - the function only offering me an option to join.

    So what will happen to the end of season rewards I should be receiving?  If I am not in the group how will I receive them?

    Anyone else with this issue?
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    @Lorachel try reaching out to your group via an alternate contact method or  seeing if anyone can get you in contact with someone from your group.  

    This is frustrating for everyone... 
  • sasbalassasbalas Member Posts: 23
    как компенсируют исчезнувшие легендарные карты?
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    Although the compensation is a total joke and insult what I find the most annoying is the lack of response from the devs, the very least they could have done is put an a message in the game, most of our group were clueless and wondering why some members were no longer contributing to the boards or letting their usual daily flares off.
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    hahaha! we finish on 22 and get rewards for 21! joking continued
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    What a joke! One mess after another. 

    Groups were supposed to get the end of season reward for the board ABOVE where they finished. Instead, I got the reward for the board BELOW where we finished. Back to being very pissed off. This is getting to where this game isn’t worth it. Stress, issues, stress, issues. Games are supposed to be fun

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    The EOS listed inside the game had been updated to be Tier +1 (ex. if you look at T16 it matches with what T17 EOS was at the start of season).... If you check the EOS listed on the Tier Boards in the post about season information you will see that they are different for each Tier then what shows in game. 

    So in reality you did receive the original EOS for the Tier your team finished on. There is an update from NG in relation to this here . They have put a compensation pack in the store for everyone.

    They have mentioned in the past that making changes like extending the season or events would cause issues.... Apparently trying to amend EOS does the same thing once set. 
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    Actually you received the original T 22 rewards as the rewards listed in the game had been updated to be Tier +1.  You can see this is the case by comparing  the in game listed  EOS  to the EOS listed on the Tier Board Graphics found in the Season Information Post.  

    As NG has said in the past, there is a reason they can't extend or change seasons or events once they start and  here is an example why. It doesn't work. 

    Compensation has been added to the shop. An NG update has been posted  as well
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    So, Days Gone By is over.  But how do I access my season end rewards?  I am in a group that achieved Tier 15 but the Valentines Day server problems means I am in the group but not in the group.

    No sign of the rewards.

    I am very annoyed and frustrated that the developers have not resolved this issue and there have been no updates from them.  Anyone know how I can resolve this?

    Anyone else still affected by the server issues?
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 536
    They are still working to address these issue.  You can submit a support ticket to receive the EOS you missed out. Let them know your information and team and that you are effected by the Group issue and they will take care of you as soon as they possibly can 
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    How about addressing the issue of players who still had thousands of target shop tokens tokens to spend but were unable to due to the bug?
    By the time accounts were finally restored the shop had disappeared, I could bought 9 Alpha and the 175 energy crate.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 536
    If you reach out to support about this issue they should be able to assist you with it. Please just be aware that it may take some time for them to respond as they are still trying to assist players having account issues.
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    Our Team has never been the same since this issue.  We had 1/3 of our team booted (including me).  It took over a week for me to get back on the game and several long term members never returned.  We used to have to kick non actives to make room but now can't even get back to 20... anyone else notice this trend since the crash?
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