Mini season

ThreezThreez Member Posts: 3
Tile 25 isn’t clearing. 


  • koncz314koncz314 Member Posts: 3
    Same here..
  • Nick37Nick37 Member Posts: 477
    Same here
  • AsynjaAsynja Member Posts: 28
    It doesn't say that, but it needs to be rare nests.
    Trial and error from our side :-)

  • koncz314koncz314 Member Posts: 3
    Try rare inf...
  • LGCMaxLGCMax Member Posts: 1
    Works with a rare Inf
  • LepLep Member Posts: 4
    Can't make any progress or get any tokens because I am STILL locked out of my group. Anything happening to fix this? Because I've now missed out on my end of season rewards that I spent time and money on, I was stunted on gaining bow tokens and that is ending and now I'm unable to acquire shotgun tokens, in addition to missing packs and board rewards AGAIN! 
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,142
    Solution Tier 1: completer 1/3/5 unique rare infestation 
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