Board 1 number 25

YkootssYkootss Member Posts: 1
States " exterminate walkers by clearing 1 different infestation". We have cleared many different infestations and are not getting credit on number 25. We have wasted compasses, flares and most importantly time. Please advise!


  • Killin_ItKillin_It Member Posts: 21
    Same issue here - please advise on a solution. 
  • Killin_ItKillin_It Member Posts: 21
    Does it have to be a Level 25 or higher Infestation ? 🤔 
  • Killin_ItKillin_It Member Posts: 21
    I assumed that '25' number was just the Challenge # ?
  • Kilo6CharlieKilo6Charlie Member Posts: 3
    Try doing a RARE Infestation, it registered for me. Good Luck!
  • HuskyAtakPakHuskyAtakPak Member Posts: 12
    Really? A rare? On the first board of the game... how many newbies in groups together get access to rare infestations? 
    Sounds like a major mess up once again on these boards ... and this one actually is their fault. Entire groups had their progress ground to a halt and the best they can do is go ‘ho hum find rares people’

    no... their error. They can sort it an once again compensate the lost time and loads of effort put into infestations trying to complete that stupid task 
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,113
    Solution Tier 1: completer 1/3/5 unique rare infestation 
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