15.1 - New Update Available!

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What’s new in 15.1?

We've taken the time to do some pre-spring cleaning exterminating bugs and polishing our features. Now it's time to add some new sparkle to Our World.

Coming soon:

Brand new Events, and yet-to-be-revealed Hero & Weapons!
Bug Fixes & Improvements:
  • Fix for Game Center connectivity
  • Fix for game crashing on load on certain Samsung devices
  • Fix for Group description text going out of the edit box
  • Fix for Scavenger talent. Multiple Scavenger talents on a line-up will now increase the chance of triggering. Previously, the talent was triggering individually per each Hero or Weapon.
  • Fix for Eugene's Pickle Jar triggering after completing a tournament attempt
  • Fix for non-randomized Tournament Rewards
  • Fix for inconsistent Tournament Reward Screen
  • Fix for blue screen when checking Player Profile on Ultimate Tournament Leaderboard
  • Fix for overlap of Free Roam Timer and Tournament Button
  • Fix for game crashing after throwing grenades
  • Added tooltip for reward packs on Tournament leaderboard
  • Added Player tournament rank to Promotion message
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Known issue:
  • Tournament: Ultimate Division Reward screen is empty for Players on the Ultimate Division


  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 517
    iOS, If the update is still not showing for you, then it's because the update is on it's way to App Store in your region. Once Apple have pushed the update to your App Store then you will be able to download and install it. Sometimes this process can take a couple of hours.
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