Legendary Wildcards

I would be interested in seeing something in the wildcard shop that we could exchange a wildcard token to purchase energy, grenades, flares, compasses, coins, gold, or even a pass for the motorcycle. I have legendary cards, but they are so expensive to upgrade, I almost always elect to upgrade my purple or blue or frequently required commons before I want to upgrade a legendary.
I would also be interested in exchanging multiple tokens for legendary cards I don’t already own. I just feel like the wildcard shop could be a lot more exciting, especially since it is not always available.


  • BemxuuBemxuu OW Moderator Posts: 52
    Wilcard shop is usually available now with exception of mini seasons though.
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  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 100
    edited February 21
    This post was supposed to be somewhere else. Sorry
  • ZompulaZompula Member Posts: 28
    I just wish my next upgrades of legs would not take years.
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