Can’t get in game

CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 99
I just want to kill some 1e whisperers! 


  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 56
    Same here, been going on for almost an hour
  • АнунахАнунах Member Posts: 39
    A lot of same reports in telegram and discord from all over the globe. 
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 539
    Be sure to submit in game support tickets 
  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 56
    Unless I'm missing something, you can't submit an in game support ticket if it crashes every time while loading
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 539
    edited March 5
    @double_tap some players are getting the error splash screen which gives them the FAQ & Contact button. 

    If you aren't getting that far then take a screen recording of what is happening and upload it to a file sharing site (that can be publically viewed) and then use the red contact us button towards the top of this page to submit a ticket and share the url to your screen recording. Be sure to include your in game Player Name, Level, and Group Name. 

    This will help NG see better what is going on. 
  • _Jo__Jo_ Member Posts: 9
    In game ticket sent successfully...going on 4 hours now.

  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 82
    just hope they don't decide to just go home for the weekend before fixing it.....

  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 110
    I can't get in either.   I was able to submit a ticket
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 82
    is anyone there? hoping to get some kind of an update...

  • LawCatLawCat Member Posts: 8
    Same here. About 7 hours now. 
  • MrGooseMrGoose Member Posts: 5
    So, we will get 50 e compensation when we could have at least 400 e to spend from the crate e wall reset and add also 75 coin e ))) 
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 82
    We’re going to miss the entire weekend aren’t we.....
  • _Jo__Jo_ Member Posts: 9
    I am still not in. No gold or bike energy collected, soon my 75 coin energy will be gone and I usually get the 1.99 energy...disappointed
  • sasbalassasbalas Member Posts: 23
    Friday free compensation create lost, event, group boards, moto rewards unreachable.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 539
  • NeuschneeNeuschnee Member Posts: 4
    I couldn‘t get the relief pack and my reward from the daily mission!! And the only what we got is a sorry? NG, seriously????
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 539
    @Neuschnee the person who handles compensation for issues is away for the weekend. I am sure that they will, upon returning to the office after the weekend  look into the issue. It is better that a full accounting of the issue be taken into account when determining compensation then just throwing compensation out there so players feel compensated. 
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