Epic raider bases

Hi I’m level 25 guns and bows above 230 hero above 240 odds. Can you tell my why I’m not able to still pass a 15 epic base. It’s unrealistic considering it’s a game 


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    Epic level 15, 5 stages, without knowing what your setup is (heroes and weapon) it's hard to tell
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    The difficulty between stages increases so by the time you hit the last stage it is not level 15 anymore.  You can often tell how easy or hard a time you will have completing a mission by its color which is effected by the Mission level, your weapon and hero. That color will change  between stages.  If I remember correctly from previous discussions  there is an increase between  0-2 levels per stage. 

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    Relevant perks to level: Daryl's Ear Necklace, Savior Van, Rosita's Dynamite

    Heroes: Don't take any melees. SMG heroes have higher health then any other ranged. So if your chosen heroes die to quickly and you can't heal them in time, consider those. Snipers are a also a good choice because of their dmg. Every other heroe is useless damage wise. An AR like Rosita is strong in normal missions, because she puts out damage over a period, but in a raider battle it's only a fraction of that before she takes cover. Snipers behave like usual.

    Weapons: Pretty much preference, i pref an AR.

    Strategy: Never let a grenade drop too close to your cover. You will destroy your own cover and your heroes will die in no time.
    Timing is important. If you reload while the raiders put out their damage, you have a problem. Force the raiders to take cover with headshots. Do this with all the raiders. Then there is a time frame to reload. They will stand up in the same order you brought them down. Repeat. Don't waste bullets by shooting at the cover or by shooting the raiders while they are running to their cover.
    Prioritize snipers and melees, they are the most dangerous.
    The front left cover is the weakest. If you take sniper heroes you could blow this up and concentrate on the other three raiders positions after, while your snipers always have something to shoot (raiders on the front left without cover).
    My pref tactic is to blow up the front left cover, immediatly throw another granade at the same position right before the first explodes, to kill the next running in raider too and so on, while i force the other raiders to take cover. This way new raiders only run to the first near cover, so they are easy to kill.
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    You should easily be able to pass a level 15 epic raider base at this point. I've had no trouble with those since level 22, and I've only been playing for a year, my heroes and weapons aren't nearly as high as the ones you're using, I use the conquerer assault rifle at 220 or do, and my heroes are around 210. Definitely player error I'm afraid. Great advice above me though, with the right strategy you should be able to beat a level 16 or 17.
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    To follow up on my previous post, I just completed a level 19 epic raider base, with two heroes that are at 165 and one at 195 (I was using them for the group contributor bonus). Only two of them died on the last level, no healing needed. So at your level you should be completing level 20s easily.
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    Everyone's playing experience and the factors that go into completing a mission of a certain level differ. 2 players could both use the same weapons and heros of the same level with all the mods and talents unlocked and have very different experiences.  
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    A good tactic for beating Raiders is to put a high Power melee in the 1 slot.  They will run in and draw the fire from everyone else.  If you have a high damage one shot weapon like a bow or sniper, you can clear the round without anyone else getting hurt.  
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