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MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 75
This might be beating a dead horse but having a discussion with some clan mates gave way to possibly some good ideas that I'd like to share. 
  It has been argued for a long time that for the more experienced players the Legendary weapons quickly begin to lag behind rares and then epics thus making them (in my opinion) not legendary at all and more of a liability.  So I present this idea on how to restructure and enhance the legendary card:

1 - All legendary weapons need a +1 level buff from where they are currently at (so the dmg output of a lvl 1 _____ legendary would move up to a level 2 

2 - Change the "card needed" structure instead of doubling every time from 50 cards maybe just go in 100  card increments after 100 (or maybe even 50 card increments) so it would possibly look like this:

Level   Card Needed    Power
1            2                       100
2            4                       121
3           10                      143
4           20                      165
5           50                      187
6           100                    210
7           200                    231
8           300                    254
9           400                    275
10         500                    297
11         600                    320
12         700                    341
13         800                    363
14         900                    385
15       1000                    407

Even to get to this point you're talking about needing 4,686 of a single type of legendary card so it would still take a massive investment and amount of work (to even get one card to this point), but its something MUCH more attainable that the current structure and if there's another option down the road to earn more legendary cards (such as the legendary encounters), it would go a LONG way to help making the legendary cards the "go to" desired cards that they should be.  Thanks as always for the consideration.



  • AshyslashyAshyslashy Member Posts: 43
    Agreed, we need a boost on legendary weapons, too many players are stuck with weak legendary cards that are nowhere to upgrade
  • scottmag14scottmag14 Member Posts: 40
    OP has some good ideas.  The base problem is that the Champion and Ultimate boards require Legendary weapons and heros.   Look at Tier 23, which is where my team will be starting next round.  5 / 22 tiles require Legendary stuff.  However, 2 tiles require 21+.  So if I want to help out on the 21+, I have to push my PPL.  How will I do that?  I will have to upgrade my rare and epics.  Doing that will further leave my Legendries lagging.  
  • Full_pickFull_pick Member Posts: 11
    Yes, something needs to be done. Maybe just a roll back of the increase made two years ago, but only regarding  rares (+1pwr/lvl) and epics (+2pwr/lvl) and keep the legs. Then they become more legendary and commons might last a bit longer.
  • Sk1llionaireSk1llionaire Member Posts: 10
    I think giving the Legs a full level boost might be a good option as well. Lvl 7 Leg Power 253, Lvl 8 Power 275 for example... While you're at it, how about increasing the max power for commons to say 300 and the Rares to 355?
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 98
    The biggest problem is that damage scales wildly so 10 more power = 50-60% more damage. I assume same goes for walker toughness. So a weapon that has 20 less power is infinitely worse. If damage went up 10% or something more reasonable you could use weapons that are further away in power. 

    But yes legendaries are waaaaaay too underpowered.  Right now the best strategy is to leave all your weapons/heroes (except 1) at 253/260. That’s just silly. 
  • ZompulaZompula Member Posts: 35
    Totally agree! Something has to be done!
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 98
    Just realized that legendary infests were a joke. 
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 104
    edited April 14
    I still think that the problem with Legendary cards and all the rebuffing or boosting everyone wants can easily be fixed by NG, simply by loosening up the grip on these cards and make them more attainable in the game missions so players can level them up so they are useful.  

    When they had this last increase of being able to get legendary’s from card awarding missions it was nice knowing if I put the time in I could get 10-15 cards in a day.  More if I went non-stop.  NG should do this event for a month long so higher level players can get a few Hundred to a thousand and level there cards up even with there rare and epic cards.
    I lost my first account a while back and had to start over.  I was so pissed but knowing the legendary issue.  I don’t upgrade anything past my legendary cards and it’s been awesome. But if player could level there cards up two to three levels it looks like the issue would be solved.  

    1) Epic card rewards have to be doubled permanently from misssions and tripled from safe house rewards.

    2) legendarys need to take over the epic reward rate.

    3) legendary encounter need to go back to 8 energy and Guarantee a legendary card.  And if that won’t happen simply take it out of the game because bottom line, this is not what the people were asking for.

    if we know that everyday we can get enough legendary cards and at the end of a week level something up we would spend more money on energy and put more time in because it’s worth it.

    It’s just my opinion. Sorry if no one may agree.  And thanks if you do.
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 75
    still would love for someone to weigh in on this....
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 75
    Month and a half and still no discussion/reply?
  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 52
    It's been 2 1/2 months since you started this and no official reply.  NG said in the season announcement that msn rewards are going to rebalanced this season. Hopefully that means a meaningful increase in legs and not nerfing pinks. 
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 90
    Red... agreed!  LEG missions should have guaranteed LEG card, otherwise there is absolutely no point to it...
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