Legendary encounters - the legendaries?

CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 113
Sucks that you changed these from 8e guaranteed legendaries to 5e 1/20 chance of legendary. I was going to spend a lot of compasses and e. Your loss. 


  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 153
    the card payout (much like epic encounters) is greatly out of whack as well.  5e should payout at least only epic cards(in the 15-30 range) not rare cards of the same amount plus a few epics and as calavera said 1/20 of a chance at a legendary.
  • АнунахАнунах Member Posts: 39
    I've got 1/10 or better so far. But agree about epics. 
  • PapushkaPapushka Member Posts: 12
    The encounters are also a lot more difficult than you'd expect and eat up your grenades. Very disappointed. 125 energy and about 50 used grenades and I've received one legendary Glenn so far.
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 186
    edited March 2021
    I’ve done 99 of these legendary encounters and I have gotten 4 legendary cards.  I don’t like the odds. How much better will it really be tomorrow with a higher chance...

    i did about 6 more and got my 5th legendary card.  This is when the shop should have a awesome sale on energy so us player can do the legendary missions and still contribute to the board.  Like how the whisper event went down to 1 energy.  There should at least be additional offers on energy besides the 50 you can get two times.  Some of us love to play and energy boosts would make us want to spend more money.  Just sayin.
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Member, Community Manager, Staff Posts: 661
    Hello guys,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this! 

    Rewards for these Princess Legendary Encounters are better than for example Whisperer Encounters. These missions will allow you to earn rare cards, a chance for epic cards and a chance for legendary cards (more than 1). You can also receive any legendary card you own except Legendary Alpha. To add, this event mission has one of the highest chances in the game to receive legendary cards.

    On top of the above, you also earn event tokens which can be used to acquire Princess Tokens and if you have then enough of them, you can also unlock a exclusive new hero. 

    If the legendary encounters stay after this event or come back later as more of a permanent feature, we will most likely redesign the rewards based on your feedback.

    Stay well guys and I will keep an eye on this thread!
    Pain WalkerFah_Q
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 113
    Thanks for the feedback Filipe! 

    Right now I need 800-1000 to level up most of my legendaries. And even then they will be worse than my rares. At current pace it will take me years! So I was hoping for a grindable event to make some real headway! 
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 186
    Aren’t legendary wildcards a legendary card?  Are those part of what you can get from legendary encounters?  They should be so the player can decide what card they want.  I’ve notice I am getting legendary cards that I need to already up grade but I’m not on purpose so I can keep my card levels reasonably equal and are useful for board missions.  It would be best to give wildcards so players can choose what legendary cards to get.  Just a opinion.
  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 131
    This weekend event, and the Princess encounters actually meshed well together.  I would say I was hitting legendary cards on about half the encounters.  A lot of the time it was more than 1 card too. 
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 113
    Yeah over the weekend it was nice.  But once the extra legendaries stopped the legendary encounters went back to being meh. 
  • AnaisAnais Member Posts: 2
    So we have:
    • rare encounters with guaranteed rare cards. Yay!
    • epic encounters with guaranteed epic cards. Yay again!
    • legendary encounters with guaranteed rare cards. Wait a second...
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 153
    edited March 2021
    yeah.....much like the legendary cards in general, this is not very.....legendary.....its just an energy sink......

    I believe the suggestion/request was to guarantee Legendaries, but hey, when do our suggestions ever get taken....

  • AshyslashyAshyslashy Member Posts: 50
    I got a lot of legendaries the last few days of the Princess encounter but the chance since the leg encounters started is very low. And disappointing for the amount of energy required
  • CatbirdCatbird Member Posts: 20
    These encounters are definitely disappointing. A legendary encounter that costs 5 energy and usually requires at least one grenade, depending on difficulty, should absolutely contain a guaranteed legendary card. Even if it’s only 1. I’m not spending 5 energy just to get rare cards. 

    If they were a guaranteed legendary, you’d probably end up making more money. People would be more likely to flare them when they see them, to share with their group. And people would be going through energy faster, which would increase the amount they’d be purchasing. 
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 186
    edited March 2021
    Done 50 legendary encounters, got zero legendary cards.  
    Done 40 whisper encounters, got 4 legendary cards.
    I thought the chances were better in legendary encounters to get a legendary?  I hardly do epic encounters because of the cost and now legendary encounters will be a no go for now on.  Legendary cards need to be more attainable so we can feel like we can have a chance of improving our cards.  Right now they might as well not exist if they are that hard to get and feel like we have to buy them to feel we can accomplish anything.  It should be the more time you put in the game, you get more out of it.  And it’s true for the common and rare cards.  But the legendary cards and even the epic cards in some cases feel like they are a lost cause because when you need hundreds for the next up grade and you get 1 a day (hopefully), but have over 30 legendary cards to upgrade.  It shouldn’t make you feel like it will take you years of dedicated play to get one card to level 10.  It just makes it feel impossible and it’s a clear message that if you want to get legendary cards to level 20, we have to spend thousands of dollars to do so because wildcards cost so much. It’s Just a thought.  I know everyone won’t agree but I I know many do feel forced that to have decent leveled legendary cards that they have to spend money.  
    It’s this in mind you would I read on here a lot about legendary weapon rebuff on their power,  I’m thinking all that would go away if players would be able to level up their legendary weapons by being able to get their cards.  I’m play everyday almost all day because I have the time.  I love the game but I don’t level up legendary or epic cards because I don’t get the cards.  Many I talk to dOnT get legendary cards and I get two to three a day and usually they are in cards I can already level up but choose not to because I want all my cards to be even and useful.  I agree with everyone here that something needs to be rebuffed on the game because we love the game.  Thank you for the time.
  • MaeLDuiNMaeLDuiN Member Posts: 39
    RedsWorld said:
    Done 50 legendary encounters, got zero legendary cards.  
    Done 40 whisper encounters, got 4 legendary cards.
    I thought the chances were better in legendary encounters to get a legendary?
    50 encounters is not even close to the amount where you could pull out any statistics regarding anything.

    You should start with 500 encounters each, that would give somewhat reliable results, although it may be too small amount as well.

    If i had to guess based on how many thousand whisperers i have done, and leg event encounters not during the weekend, i would estimate leg encounters to yield 50-100% more leg cards, making leg card received for energy used exactly same as whisperer encounters. Thats obviously not nearly enough leg cards to make it worth playing.
  • ZompulaZompula Member Posts: 37
    These legendary encounters are a total waste of energy. I have done a few since the event ended, and have received nothing but coins - and actually not even those as I am capped. I do not want to do further upgrades of my epic heroes and weapons because my mission levels are too high already for legendary and common weapons (my rares are almost all maxed). These leg encounters should guarantee at least one leg card, and a chance of more!!!
  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 59
    I'm definitely disappointed in leg encounters and hoping they don't become board requirements. 
  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 131
    Yup.  Huge waste.
    NO ONE on my team has received a single legendary card from them yet.  They pay out worse than a Whisperer encounter, yet cost more.  Hopefully they look into fixing this, as it is pretty bad
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 186
    edited April 2021
    It’s been ten days since my post and am doing four to five legendary missions a day basically because that’s all I see and get 6 rare cards split between two piles and not even a epic once and a while, and definitely NO Legendary’s. I read the posts here on the old legendary encounters and they loved it then.  I just want to ask....  everyone loved legendary encounters.  To get one legendary card sounds worth it. So why fix it, if it wasn’t broken.  Just take the legendary encounters away.  If Legendary missions don’t give legendary cards then they are not legendary anything and I don’t like saying it but it’s like a in game scam to bait you for your energy.  It makes me feel sad when I think about it. It’s one legendary mission and we can’t even be guaranteed one Legendary Card. If we want rare cards we will play rare missions and if we want epic we will play epic missions.
      So please,  Just put it back to the way it was so the player base is happy and feel like we are being thought of and taken care of for being dedicated to this great game you provided for us and we have willingly spent our real world money on when we didn’t have to.
  • Killin_ItKillin_It Member Posts: 50

    I just don't even bother doing them any more.

    Just treat 'em like they don't exist - just like the legendary cards that aren't in them ! - lol
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 153
    Some further feedback would be nice dev’s.......Maybe some acknowledgement that the “legendaries” in the game are tragically broken in comparison to other weapons and how they will be fixed in the near future?  Maybe @ng_filipe?

  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 186
    I wanted to ask, why did NG change the Legendary encounters from, 8 energy= guarantee Legendary, to 5 energy guarantee rare cards?
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 113
    I think the worst thing about these is that as a high level players I almost always just get 4000 or so coins since I maxed out my rares long long ago. 

    It is a super bad let down. There is nothing legendary about a handful of coins. 
  • Fah_QFah_Q Member Posts: 30
    I skip every Leg encounter I see. I get better rewards for less cost from whisperers lol
  • alearocksalearocks Member Posts: 8
    I did exactly 50 since the event ended just to have an even number to test them out with, and zero L cards. I’ve gotten more from whispers and even infests, for a fraction of the energy. 
  • CrowTRobotCrowTRobot Member Posts: 106
    This is a reward from a level 25 Legendary encounter.  In which I used at least 5 grenades. I call BS. 

  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 131
    Is NG even listening?  No response yet, and this has been up quite awhile.  This is the worst addition to the game.  A 31 legendary pays out worse than a mid 20's Whisperer, and it costs more
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 113
    While I think these should have guaranteed legendaries… they should at least pay out MORE epics/rares than the equivalent epic/rare encounters. 2 epics is pathetic.  

    8 energy for 1 legendary was fine. 
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 113
    17 of these done so far during legendary Thursday and every single one has only had coins or Heath. What a shame. 
  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 59
    I did seven of them yesterday with nothing but blue or pink (2 of 7) cards. Probably worth a shot @2e but I'll continue to ignore them every other day @5e per msn. 
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