Royalty Season in Review

CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 111

I just wanted to give NG my feedback on the royalty season from the perspective a high level player on a top team  

Season shop:

The legendary weapon draw is the best ever. One of my complaints about the season shop has always been that there is no token sink so once you finish the shop there is no point to collecting more tokens. I was able to obtain 888 legendary weapons via the shop because I bought the battle pass to unlock Princess. (Which I have never done before)

Tier 25

So I repeated tier 25 a lot this season so have plenty of feedback. 

Having a huge TP drop tile sucks. First because TPS are useless for high level players as we get more coins from our maxxed out warehouse drops. Secondly a lot of people ended up losing their other safe houses because they had to focus on TP. 

Changing up weapons each round is great. Although two rounds of guardian was meh. 

Having “clear infest” and “clear base” tiles instead of “battle” tiles is annoying as it discourages you from doing epics (and eventually legendaries) to save e. I would prefer you just have raider battles and infest battles. (Or clear epic/legendary)


So having the double epic/rare event during the first couple weeks of the season was harsh. The top teams compete to finish first and for us at least the temptation to do epics all day was too much :) I’d prefer you have this sort of event (that doesn’t couple well with board) towards the end of the season so those who are done with the tiers and farming can enjoy it fully. 

You also removed the sniper box from the raiders event which was disappointing. As a Grinder I love having a token sink that lets me get unlimited legendary cards. The coin sinks are meaningless as I am usually maxxed out in coins. 

Legendary Encounters

I had this circled and was excited to grind these.  Then I found out that they were changed from 8e for 1 legendary to 5e for at best 1/10 chance of a legendary? These were only worthwhile during the increased legendary drop rate weekend. Right now I need 11,200 of any individual legendary to get it higher power than my best epic. I got an average of 77 of each legendary this season. At this rate it will take me 145 seasons. You need to change the table or drastically increase the flow of legendaries. 



  • vicsarkvicsark Member Posts: 32
    Agreeing with what Cal said. So I’m gonna just add a few details while paraphrasing him mostly lol.

    Season shop : awesome
    Best new feature was indeed the unlimited leg and epic weapons draws with season tokens in the season shop. That made us repeat 25 instead of farming from scratch for the first time in a while. Please keep an unlimited season token dump like this one for next seasons.

    Tier 25 : ok
    Tier 25 was pretty ok to repeat besides a few annoying points as Cal said:
    -please no specific safe houses drops (just have us do rescues and no drops, or any safe house drops).
    -battles instead of clear infests and raider bases far better. let us choose what we want to hit and farm rare/epics while doing the board.
    - I would also like more variety in weapon usage and not 95% of total tier kills/headshots to be always with legendary weapons. Have us use rare and epic weapons for the .2 and .3 boards too. Switch things a bit. Obv legendary weapons are far from the best for most HL players but also we need some variety while repeating a tier.

    SMS : great
    SMS was a great help for the board as it’s basically a free daily bait that we can use for doing tiles. Having it last 20 days was a bit boring for the contest itself but made it more easy for that intent.

    Events: good overall but worst timing for double epic/rare.
    Double epic/rare week end the first week end of the season was the worst thing you could do, please adapt the timing of rare events like this one and use common sense.
    Most other events were pretty good and I liked the week end event coordinating to the weekly one.
    Raider and infest events lacked unlimited token dumps other than coins like the sniper box though.

    Legendaries : good but...
    And on legendary cards, even if this season has been pretty great for farming them, they still are so far away from being as good as even the rares not even mentioning the epics.
    Having legs being more easy to get is great, but it doesn’t really solve the weak legendaries issue. A Rebalancing is still needed.
    having a buff of 5 power per level would put a level 9 leg hero/weapon to 315 from 275, on par with a maxed rare.
    a bigger buff would be better to make them closer to the epics tho.

    And side note, Maxed cards maxed coins: ugh
    So this season, I’m finally done with all my upgrades and have all my commons, rares maxed and 15 epics maxed. I will be at max coins without any rewards from playing except the occasional epic leg card drop and board rewards. This will get boring quickly I fear. You might want considering to expand the levels of commons/rares or increasing the coins bag holdings for level 31 players ?

  • PapushkaPapushka Member Posts: 12
    Excellent post, Calavera!

    Season shop: I agree with Calavera - the season rewards were the best ever. I went for epic weapon draw since my legendaries all need 200-300 cards to upgrade and I felt epics are more valuable to me. I've never been as happy with the season shop as I was this season. Fantastic! I only wish I hadn't bought the princess with the tokens but had gotten the battle pass instead. Dumb me.

    Tier 25: Like Calavera, I spent several weeks grinding tier 25 for tokens and totally agree: having only one Safe House named for drops on tier 25 is downright cruel. Nobody even likes Trading Posts and keeping our other safe houses alive was really difficult. Please don't do this again.

    Also agree on what was said about battles vs. clear bases/infests.

    Events: If the season had the best season shop ever, the same can't be said about events. I felt this season was really disappointing eventwise. The first huge disappointment was having the best event on the very first weekend. No top team can afford to concentrate on hunting epics during the first week. This type of event really needs to be closer to the end of the season. Other events weren't particularly interesting: raider event didn't have the sniper box which was what many in my team were looking forward to the most, Gabriel event and Princess event had uninteresting rewards for high cost.

    Legendary Encounters: Honestly, I don't know what you were thinking. Huge disappointment. 5 energy for an encounter that gives maybe 6-10 rare cards as a reward? WHY? Even during the increased legendary drop rate weekend they were rarely dropping legendaries and after the event ended I haven't touched them. Not worth it. I always felt epic encounters were really expensive considering the reward, but even they are better than legendary encounters that really aren't legendary in any way.

    Legendaries are the biggest problem in the game - have been for a long time. Almost a year ago we were told the fix was on the way but they're still the biggest problem. You really, REALLY need to fix them. I'm not even interested in legendaries anymore since there's very little hope of ever getting the legendary weapons upgraded to a level where they'd be even almost as good as my epics, let alone better.

    But despite all the critic: the season shop made this a very good season. So thank you. :)

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