Just another take on balancing Legendary Weapons and Heroes

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Here we go again. For the 7193th time. Asking for a Legendary card balancing.

I'm gonna propose one more idea, this is the last one and I won't be suggesting, asking, or requesting any updates on legendaries but instead gonna throw my money at another game, if the state of Legendary cards stays the same for the next following months. We have been at this situation where legendary cards feel more like common cards for years, and you just pray that there are no tiles in boards including legendary weapon and headshot -combination.

The problem with Legendary Weapons (and Heroes, obviously, but I am just gonna concentrate on Weapons although the suggestion should be considered to both, Heroes and Weapons), is that lower level players have them as their best weapons, and higher level players as their worst (or slightly better than commons) weapons. It is probably a difficult task to create the correct balance between low and high level players without making it unbalanced for the other. Thus I came up with the following suggestion:

Give Legendary cards an upgrade path for the weapon tokens (and Heroes for their tokens). Epic weapons could have 2 paths, Legendary weapons 3 paths.
So what would that "path" be exactly?

Think of it like this:

Upgrade 1 -> Upgrade 2 -> Upgrade 3 -> Upgrade 4 -> Upgrade 5. After these are upgraded, you choose an upgrade path from 2 or 3 different paths: 1 of the paths could be something like 6 upgrades all revolving around critical strike chance and walker damage, another path could increase reload speed/reduce recoil/buff your allies damage significantly, and the last path could be something like more damage against specific walker type or any walker type, or more damage against raiders. I give an example which might make it easier to "visualize it":

Let's take Condor as an example.
First you have 5 upgrades: critical strike chance 20% -> 30% more damage against walkers -> 15% faster reload speed -> 15% faster reload speed -> 70% more damage to SMG heroes. After these upgrades, you choose a path, let's say path number 2, which includes the following upgrades: 15% reduced reload speed -> 15% reduced reload speed -> 70% more damage against slim walkers -> 70% more damage to SMG heroes -> 70% more damage to SMG heroes -> 50% more damage against damaged enemies. Once you have selected the path for the gun, you cannot choose mods from any other paths, however if you wish to change the path, you pay tokens (as many as you have used to upgrades) to start upgrading back from 5th upgrade. So, if you wanted to change to Path 3, you would need to pay 6x4=24 tokens, and then upgrade the path to max and use 24 tokens on that.

In a similar way, Epic guns could get 2 upgrade paths, first you have 3 or 4 mods, and then a path consisting of 4 more mods.

So, how on earth would this balance Legendary cards? Doesn't it just make it more complicated?

Well, in itself, it doesnt buff legendaries one bit. However, you can reduce/increase the numbers on those mods, making them actually relevant compared to the current state of mods. 30% more damage against walkers could be compared to a power buff of 12 power. Having 3 of those makes your gun deal as much damage as 30 power higher gun. But having 12 mods, all very powerful and compared to a damage increase of 15-30%? Well, they would be similar to 50 power more powerful gun (without those mods). So a 275 power legendary weapon, with these newly buffed mods alone, would be comparable to a 325 power common weapon (in theory, of course, commons don't go past 260 power). 275 Legendary would probably be comparable to a 315 power rare or a 305 power epic weapon in real gameplay.

Another (quite relevant!) point would be to have use for those weapon and hero tokens that everybody got hundreds of stacked up. It also gives them the "end game" meaning - you can use them as much as you want to change gun mods if you really want to swap around different kind of perks and try different things with your weapons/heroes. Something like change weapon to fully support AR hero, and change an AR hero to get maximized damage when combined with a weapon that boosts that hero, making your gun more irrelevant but your hero an absolute monster. Think of Rosita after throwing a grenade AND on steroids :) 

Then there's also the fact that lower level players cannot achieve hundreds and hundreds of tokens in an instant - they need to collect them slow and steady, so their legendary weapons won't be "overpowered" compared to others weapons as easily as they now are. If they spread the tokens around different legendary weapons, it will take a year or two to get any of them to the "more powerful than any common, rare or epic" status. And if they throw all tokens to a couple of weapons, the rest of the bunch without the mods are not that powerful in itself. Thus, creating a balance of upgrading few cards to be very powerful and rest of the bunch underpowered, or spread the tokens around evenly making all weapons somewhat relevant, but not overly powerful.

This also gives a reason to play infestations - to collect tokens. It also makes rare and epic infestations somewhat relevant compared to playing raiders, just in a different way - there's no way to get tokens in another way than events or infestations. Or purchasing.
So while Raiders gives far better rewards in cards, Infestations are the only way to fully upgrade your Epic and Legendary cards.

If you read to the end, congratulations. If not, well, no TL;DR version for you.


  • scottmag14scottmag14 Member Posts: 40
    NG should LOVE this idea.  They can make weapon tokens EVEN harder to find....  
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 90
    I like the idea of being able to add upgrades to your Lwg Heroes or weapons.  Even make a special event where you collect tokens and at a certain amount you can add any talent to any hero or weapon.  Then use your stack of upgrade tokens to activate
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