Where is the big flare crate?

Fah_QFah_Q Member Posts: 30
Saturday...and we have Flaring is Caring in shop, for the 2nd time this week. This has happened before and it was fixed. Teams are working on finishing this mini season strong and we NEED the big flare crate! Support is no help. PLEASEEEE get our big crate in shop! We are currently working on tier 10 and we will never be able to make it through mystery tier without those flares!!


  • Sk1llionaireSk1llionaire Member Posts: 10
    edited April 17
    Whar's the BiG Flair Crate?!?!?;?;?!?!?;?!?!?!?;!!!
    And while we're at it... Open the Wild Card Shop!!!!!!
  • RaceskarDriverRaceskarDriver Member Posts: 2
    Well, NG, thanks for helping me stick to my planned hiatus and likely retirement after the miniseason. I get the flare crate a few times a month. At least now I won't feel compelled to keep playing after just having spent money on a flare crate. 
  • Fah_QFah_Q Member Posts: 30
    Sunday now and still no flare crate!!! We burned through all of our flares expecting it to be in shop yesterday like EVERY OTHER SATURDAY and nothing. so now we are trying to get through 10.3 with no flares and maybe won't be able to finish mystery tier now. None of us are going to waste money buying single flares. and we are pissed. Sorry but this is unacceptable. A lot of teams rely on this.
  • xjennnyxxjennnyx Member Posts: 2
    How are we supposed to make it through the end of the mini season?  Why wouldn't they want to make more money and have people play more?? UNREAL!!!  🤯🤬
  • Fah_QFah_Q Member Posts: 30
    @NG_Filipe can anyone tell us why we had no big flare crate this weekend? Our team has spent tons of money and resources to get us as far as we have, now it feels like it is all wasted. 3+ days left, we will never be able to complete mystery tier without those flares. And it is not a good solution to buy gold and get single flares, the big flare crate is what we rely on every week to get our team through the boards!! Why is nobody answering our concerns?

  • alearocksalearocks Member Posts: 6
    The lack of a big crate seriously makes she feel like I wasted so much time and energy this mini when it’s going to be so hard to get to the mystery at this point. If it was a mistake like last time, then fix it, but if it was intentional then that’s some BS and they should have given people a heads up. 
  • KongoKongo Member Posts: 3
    This is a load of something and something. They completely ignore when players have an issue and other times they act like they care about player input. Why have community events when you don’t listen to the community? 
    It’s nonsense. 
  • LawCatLawCat Member Posts: 7
    If this was intentional, it’s BS that there wasn’t a prior announcement so teams could have prepared accordingly. 
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 542
    Hello everyone,

    100 Flares Crate will be available today.

    Stay safe!
  • AsynjaAsynja Member Posts: 31
    NG_Filipe said:
    Hello everyone,

    100 Flares Crate will be available today.

    Stay safe!

    @NG_Filipe It would be helpful to know if this was a mistake or if you changed the schedule?
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 88
    Idea... include one daily flaRe & Roam into the purchase of Daryl's Bike!  Without increasing the price please...
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