Season: Jackal & Hide Season

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Jackal & Hide Season

A new Group Board Season has just started - Jackal & Hide! During this Season, completing Group Boards will reward you with Jackal Tokens that can be used to unlock Legendary Jackal LMG!

During Round 1 only, you can earn 1 additional random Legendary Weapon (Warrior AR, Bulldozer Shotgun, Condor Revolver, or Panther SMG) from completing Tier 5 board 3 onwards (except T6 Board 1). Players below level 6 will receive the Epic Vulture Pistol instead.

Group Board Rounds:

All Rounds begin at 12:00 UTC:
  • Round 1: April 22nd
  • Round 2: April 29th
  • Round 3: May 6th
  • Round 4: May 13th
  • Round 5: May 20th
  • Round 6: May 27th
Season ends June 3rd.

Season Shop

The Season Shop can be found as a separate tab inside the Shop. You will be able to unlock Legendary Jackal LMG.

How to earn Jackal Tokens

You can collect Jackal Tokens throughout the entire Season by completing Group Boards. The number of Tokens awarded will increase with the difficulty of the boards. 
  • By completing Bronze tiers (Tier 1 to 5) once you earn a total of 85 Jackal Tokens.
  • By completing Silver tiers (Tier 6 to 10) once you earn a total of 330 Jackal Tokens.
  • By completing Gold tiers (Tier 11 to 15) once you earn a total of 790 Jackal Tokens.
  • By completing Champion tiers (Tier 16 to 20) once you earn a total of 2195 Jackal Tokens.
  • By completing Ultimate tiers (Tier 21 to 25) once you earn a total of 5250 Jackal Tokens.
  • By completing all of the boards once, you are able to earn a total of 8650 Jackal Tokens.
You will be able to earn enough Jackal Tokens to unlock Legendary Jackal LMG by completing Tier 1 to 18 (board 2) or by completing Tier 1 to 14 (board 3) and by collecting the maximum amount of tokens from the 3 events coming later in the Season.
Season Shop Offers
  • Legendary Jackal LMG -> Exchange 2000 Jackal Tokens for 19 cards. After this, you can exchange 2100, 2200 and 2300 Jackal Tokens for 22, 25 and 28 cards respectively.
  • Legendary Weapon Draw -> Exchange 200 Jackal Tokens for 1 Legendary Weapon Draw. (unlimited times available)
  • Epic Weapon Draw -> Exchange 150 Jackal Tokens for 1 Epic Weapon Draw. (unlimited times available)
  • Legendary & Epic Heroes Draw -> Exchange 100 Jackal Tokens for 1 Legendary & Epic Heroes Draw. (unlimited times available)
This Season will also introduce a new Pass!


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    Season Boards

    But before that, what are the boards?

    At the start of each round during a Season your Group will find 3 Challenge Boards - this is called a Tier. If you complete all three Challenge Boards you will complete the Tier, your Group will earn rewards and progress to the next Tier.

    As your Group progresses up through the Tiers you will earn better Tier and Season End rewards. Make sure to play to everyone's strengths and preferences, coordinate cleverly and use Flares to support each other, and climb as high as you can before the time runs out.

    After the round, the Challenge Board progress resets to the beginning of your current Tier. If you complete the final Tier before the end of the Season, you can repeat it again to improve your Group Score on the Leaderboards as well as earning additional rewards! At the beginning of each Season, every Group will start from Tier 1.

    Your Group Score on the Leaderboards increases whenever the Group completes Tasks, unlocks a Reward Pack from Boards, or completes a Tier.

    And now, the boards:

    Tier 1

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Tier 4

    Tier 5

    Special Reward: Earn Rare Hershel Greene by completing Tier 5

    Tier 6

    Tier 7

    Tier 8

    Special Reward: Earn Epic Glenn's Pocket Watch by completing Tier 8

    Tier 9

    Tier 10

    Tier 11

    Tier 12

    Special Reward: Earn Epic Tyreese Williams by completing Tier 12

    Tier 13

    Tier 14

    Special Reward: Earn Legendary King Ezekiel by completing Tier 14

    Tier 15

    Tier 16

    Special Reward: Earn Legendary Guardian Sniper Rifle by completing Tier 16

    Tier 17

    Tier 18

    Tier 19

    Tier 20

    Tier 21

    Tier 22

    Tier 23

    Tier 24

    Tier 25

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