Is anyone even there?

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There has been a noticeable drop off in response from any NG personnel regarding the game and it seems as though things are just being glossed over while the money train continues to roll on.  Less than 10 posts responding to player issues since March is a little uninspiring especially when there’s nothing really new that’s been added to the game in forever (new artwork and rehashed baits are not something new).  It would just be nice to know that the players continued concerns about things are being listened to rather than ignored while you focus on other projects or sit in the corner and count your money…….


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    I know there is an update coming soon, but why doesn't NG respond to 95+% of the posts with suggestions or questions? 

    Something like, "good idea, we'll pass that on" or "it's on the list, but a low priority" or "we have looked into that and it just isn't realistic" would take seconds to respond to at least acknowledge people who put effort into trying to improve things. 

    Just about anything would be better than seemingly ignoring them.
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    Thank you DT.  That’s what I was getting at in my normal, marginally sarcastic tone.
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    Hello guys!

    We are here, yes.

    I do check and share your suggestions with the team, but leave it a bit time so that any Player can contribute on them. Some are also duplicates from previous suggestions, so I also take into consideration those + what new was added to it.

    Questions, I leave it up to the moderators and if they are not aware, they tend to send me a message and ask for help.

    Stay safe guys!
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