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    There are still 2 days to come with some cool offers. So its not over yet ;) 
    Buran said:
    why does the cost of one card increase with each pack? =)

    The difference is minimal, but was basically to have rounded numbers. 

    Stay well!
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    hmm,   it seems to me that you are rounding up in your favor =), wholesale-cheaper?  no... I didn't hear it...
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    Once again, great idea, horrible execution.  I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship that I keep coming back to because I’m hopeful that one day you’ll change……sadly, I think I’m learning that you don’t really want to
  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Member, Community Manager, Staff Posts: 661
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    Miggz said:
    Once again, great idea, horrible execution.  I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship that I keep coming back to because I’m hopeful that one day you’ll change……sadly, I think I’m learning that you don’t really want to
    Could you please share a bit more constructive feedback? What do you mean with horrible execution and why?
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    NG_Filipe said:
    Miggz said:
    Once again, great idea, horrible execution.  I feel like I’m in an abusive relationship that I keep coming back to because I’m hopeful that one day you’ll change……sadly, I think I’m learning that you don’t really want to
    Could you please share a bit more constructive feedback? What do you mean with horrible execution and why?
    I am not Miggz, but what makes it so "horrible" is the fact, that this "offer" will only help some players who are already at cardbreakpoints.

    When you see, that you still need like 400 more legendary cards, this offer is okay, but its not like you can call it an event.

    An event for me is something where I can grind something. As many others, I have collected many coins while hoping for some really cool offers.

    Don't understand me wrong: this offer is okay. 1.2m coins for 38 cards is cool. But it doesn't give me a boost like the epic weapon offer in the season shop.

    When you announced this event, I was hoping for a real event where you can choose which offer you will take - like a pistol day where you can buy several pistol offers or an AR day. 

    To be honest... for most of my team, epic cards are more worth then legendary cards..
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    This is not an event, its "Coins to Cards Week", there are 2 events in it, but not related to the offers, but more of an opportunity to gather more coins over the week.

    You are able to buy 36 legendary (lvl 21+) for 1 201 000 Coins which is already quite a lot of cards for coins. It's for certain that we won't give hundreds of the most valuable cards, I do understand your point, but we just can't give everything at once.

    36 legendary cards for coins is 36 less wildcards that you would need or 36 really lucky chance of getting that card from a whisperer encounters, from a legendary encounter (reward rework soon here) and so on.

    Personally, I don't think that the offers are bad, I also wasn't able to upgrade my card to next level, but it was already a nice boost. The offers are not to allow you to upgrade to next level, but to boost your progress to be able to upgrade.

    Stay well!
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    Don’t get us wrong, 36 legs of the same card is not bad for the usual event shops standards (those without infinite offers). And I find the price to be cheap.

    The issue is as always that the offers are not scaling up enough for the higher level player base.
    For a level 21 player with a 187 Rick’s gun, it would be a whooping 72% of the 50 cards needed to upgrade to 210. Awesome.
    A level 25 player may have a 210 Rick’s gun
    So 36 cards is is 36% of the 100 cards needed for him to upgrade to 231 (100). Nice.
    after that  it’s 18% of the cards to upgrade to 253 (200). Good.
    But Level 30/31 players probably already have Rick’s pistol at 253 or 275 by now.
    it’s 9% of the cards to 275 (400). Ok.
    And a mere 4% of the needed cards to level up to 297 for me (800) for example. Better than nothing but a drop in the bucket.

    Not commenting that at 297 that great leg gun would basically be on par with a maxed rare Falcon because of its better perks. And 20 times less powered than my 416 Vulture but that’s another topic on leg rebalancing lol.

    So imho coins for cards is off to a good start, and just will need some adjustments to become a solution to solve the maxed coins issue. I had other suggestions in my previous posts.

    Maybe add a couple more offers for higher levels that would be level capped but more expensive on a cost per card basis. Like a level 28+ offer for another 24 cards and a level 31+ for 48 cards, or whatever.
    As the coins generation increases a lot for higher levels, and the maxed coins issue is not touching every HL player, I wouldn’t be shocked that the coins price per leg increases sharply too.
    Making those offers more an opt in for the folks who want to dump their coins in something and some others would pass. And it would not make it too easy to get tons of legs.

    I’m back at 9,500,000 coins btw :)
    Anyways, would be nice finding a way that works and is well balanced for everyone to get a useful and permanent coins dump to solve the FULL coins issue some of us have.
    As Calavera said in his first post, I would expect of a coins for cards event to drain the whole 9.5m coins some have stashed.
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    Filipe, I have butted heads with the decisions that NG has made for quite some time now. My biggest issue like has been stated many times in this thread is the lack of consideration is given to you end game players.  I thought for
    sure that maybe the realization had set in that the legendary weapons are VASTLY underpowered in comparison to most players rares and many many players epics.  What is “legendary” about that?!?  Most players I know GROAN at the thought of having to use legendary over their mostly vastly superior rare and epic counterparts.  I understand that yes, one day that those legendaries will outpace the epics, but when?  I’ve played for almost 2 years now and my best legendary weapon is a 275 negans smg that I dumps seasons and seasons worth of wildcards into to get it to that point.  At the current pace with a team that voraciously farms the boards for extra season tokens finishes t25 every season and grinds all the events.  At the current pace I need 19,270 cards to max that legendary.  Let’s say I earn Negan smg cards at the alarming rate of 250 per season/mini season combo.  At that rate it will take 77 SEASONS to max that one card (that works out to almost 12 YEARS).  I’m sorry but that is ABSURD.  Maybe I can hand the game off to my children and they can finish the grind for deal old dead sad at that point, honestly I would be shocked if the game survived 12 (but if it did bravo),  i understand that you’re a company and have to make money but just look at your player base, it has been eroding at an alarming rate and rather than doing your best to keep the players you have you continue to drive them away by leaving your most dedicated players (and Probabaly the ones who spend the most as well) to piddle in mediocrity while you continue to squeeze  all you can from the.
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    I planned to provide detailed feedback but Vicsark said it all really well.  

    I had 8 millions coins at the beginning of the event  and I hoped to be able to use most of them :) 

    my issue is that even at the insane pace my team is going, even if you made these offers daily it would take almost a full year to upgrade all my legendaries from 275 to 297. As I’m going to max out my epics very soon there won’t be many milestones to play for.

    I really love the events where we can grind and upgrade 1 card. I got my Negan SMg and Jacket to level 10 via some really hard effort on ny part and would love a similar event  
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    The main problem is that the legendary cards are incredibly weak. You could sink millions and millions of coins in them if you ever got an upgrade, since we currently have sooo many different legendary cards.

    But as I have upgraded pretty much all leg's to 275, and maxing rares and commons, there is literally nothing else than Epics that I can upgrade. And since those require 3000/4000/5000 cards to upgrade, I won't be seeing much upgrades there either.

    I have played multiple games where you collect cards with different "rarity". Most, if not all, does one or the other, or both of these: Make rarest (legendary, in this case) A LOT more powerful than less rare cards by making them have special powers/effects (hello useful weapon/hero mods, where are you??), and/or make the rares cards require less cards per level.

    I have suggested multiple different legendary balance ideas, which could be used to a) get those coins used b) get legendaries up to the power above rares and below epics and c) token sink. But since nothing has happened to balancing Legendary cards, I just gave up hope and let the game die since all top players will be leaving once they are at the situation where commons and rares are maxed and you are rewarded with nothing from pretty much every single mission you do.
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    I am 45 years old. I calculated two days ago that at the current speed I get to upgrade my first legendary to its max level when I'm 99. It'll be a fantastic day at the old folks' home!
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    It was not a terrible event.  I liked the cards, and thought the price of them was fair.  The 3rd and final card(Yumiko) was a bit lackluster.  Silenced Pistol and Cane were amazing.  Yumiko is nice, but I feel we left the worst for last.  Not a complaint, just how I saw it.
    I do think there needs to be more ways to earn legendary cards though.  The legendary encounters have been awful
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    So I will only comment on the main topic here, which is imho to offer a new way for players to use their extra coins, a much needed coins dump for late game players stuck at or close to max coins either by choice (PPL strategy) or because they have no more upgrades left.

    The weak legendary relative to rares and epics issue, while linked, has been debated already on multiple topics and here. A coins dump is one of many ways to solve it, but not the only one.

    Feedback and suggestions :smile:

    1/ The Choice of cards was limited, but great cards all 3. one weapon, one perk, one hero. 2 legendaries, one epic.

    Legs and epic offers great. Rare cards would be a bit trickier as players with maxed cards will get less coins for coins (which happened to me with the last Yumiko offer btw lol). maybe add a choice between 2 or 3 similar cards if possible for those with maxed cards? Might not be easy to implement tho.
    Also Wildcards would have been awesome, even at a way more expensive price.
    and why not consider items like flares compass maps etc.

    2/ timing: 3 random days during the week, a bit weird not to start asap to let players farm coins again.
    I would have liked one offer a day. But making coins to cards a regular daily, or 2 or 3 Times a week random offer in the shop would be nice. Or even better a semi permanent shop like the wildcards one? Copy/paste it and just change the price from 1 wildcard for a legendary to xxx coins? 😇

    3/ The price per card was aggressive and under what I expected for a legendary. Great to have accessible offers for a the whole player base

    Maybe don’t feel constrained by a flat price per card for all offers. I wouldn’t see an issue personally on a higher price per card for additional (and more optional) offers for higher levels and mostly levels 31+ as coins generation is easier for those players.
    maybe add a multiple, but more expensive, offer of a handful of cards for xxx coins?

    4/ Number of cards offered was ok but could have been higher for the late game players (as detailed in my previous post a few days ago on how 36 cards translate on the needed cards for an upgrade for a level 21 vs higher levels.)

    Would depend if this is way more regular obviously.

    5/  level capped offers is a great idea, but stopping at 21+ was a bit odd, as the max coins issue is mostly a level 28/31 issue i would guess.

    As said before, additional offer(s) for levels 31+ (or starting a few levels below) would have been more than welcome.

    6/ Total coins spent was about 3.4m which imho is nowhere near enough for the maxed coins players out there with 9.5m+

    Again I expected to be able to spend a whole maxed coins stash for a non regular event, so 3m for each 3 offers (missing that level 31+ additional optional offer of xx cards for 2m for the players who would want to dump their stash 😬).
    If it becomes a regular event, it obviously is different.

    Anyhow, nice first try at a coins dump! :)

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    Thank you for this! I will sum it up and share with the team.
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