Movement tip

quarterblackquarterblack Member Posts: 1
edited March 2021 in Strategy Discussion
If you want to move and have no more compasses you can still use flares shoot a flare go to it then use another flare go to it and keep ising flares to move across the world its how i moved before they had a way to move


  • alearocksalearocks Member Posts: 6
     Not sure Cheat means what you think it means. 
  • FiriFiri Member Posts: 16
    This is not a cheat. It's working as intended. Sometimes called leap froging flares, walking flares, etc

    Somewhat related, if you have a nice cluster of flares, 1 map will reset the whole cluster. Did anyone ever figure out the range in the map reset?
  • knoxwebbjknoxwebbj Member Posts: 3
    Definitely not a cheat! Also when you are stationary, I find the flare can reach missions further out then I can on my own. 
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