Mini-Season: SMGs and Sniper Rifles

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Mini-Season: SMGs and Sniper Rifles

Between the 3rd of June and the 16th of June a SMG and Sniper Rifle themed Mini-Season will take place where you can obtain Legendary Negan’s SMG and Legendary Guardian Sniper Rifle in the Mini-Season Shop, as well as other SMG and Sniper Rifle Weapons. Also available in the Mini-Season Shop for the first time will be a Legendary & Epic Perk draw pack. It will be a one-round two-week Mini-Season consisting of 10 Tiers and a bonus Mystery Tier. Upon completing Tier 10, a Mystery Tier will be unlocked which can be replayed an unlimited amount of times.

Completing Group Boards, Tiles and claiming Packs between Tiers 1 to 10 will reward you with Skull Tokens, which can be exchanged in the Mini-Season Shop for prizes. 

Completing Group Boards in the Mystery Tier will reward you with Mystery Tokens instead of packs. Mystery Tokens can be exchanged in the Mini-Season Shop for 3 different Mystery Bags which could include additional Skull Tokens! Skull Tokens can also be obtained during the Party Week Event taking place in the game from 7 June to 13 June. News of other new events occurring during this Mini-Season will be shared soon!

The cost and number of all offers in the Mini-Season Shop exceeds the maximum amount of Skull Tokens that can be earned by completing Tiers 1-10 or by collecting the maximum amount of tokens from the token event happening during the Mini-Season. Please take the time to plan your purchases wisely so that you purchase only the offers you most want.
Mini-Season Shop
The Mini-Season Shop can be found as a separate tab inside the Shop.
The Legendary & Epic Perk Box will allow you to unlock or earn additional cards of Epic or Legendary Perks.
Mini-Season Offers for Mystery Section


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    Mini-Season Boards

    Tier 1

    Tier 2

    Tier 3

    Tier 4

    Tier 5

    Tier 6

    Tier 7

    Tier 8

    Tier 9

    Tier 10

    Tier 11 - Mystery!

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