Pre-set Equipment

FFFreakFFFreak Member Posts: 4
Hello NG

Because I'm tired to exchange my equipment between every fight, I have the idea of weapon and hero defaults that can be set manually in the options. These setting can be set for every mission type (at least the type, combination with rare and epic might be difficult).

Example: The current board needs rescues with Carol (or any blue) and a bow, I can set this equipment in my options unter "rescue default equipment" and so on. If my next fight is an encounter, the equipment switches to the standard encounter setting, if it is defined. Further the setting should be resettable (empty for no pre-set, alternatively you can do it by checkbox). In that case nothing will happen and the current equipment stays unchanged.

The current possibility to change by clicking on  a mission must stay to have the possibility to differ from the setting (it is only a default).

- Less time need for useless equip changes, even great effect in case of performance issues, when every action is a pain
- because of this, the game will become more fluent
- Eventually less server load due to less user actions
- no "forgotten" equipment regarding group quest boards (forgot to change)
- may not be used if the player don't want to, so there is no disadvantage for players that like the current mode

- A complete option tab would be necessary
-> it is big change so some testing is required
- Zombie types and rarity are hard to include and can likely not be considered. Nevertheless, it would still be a great help

Maybe the feature can be named "wardrobe" :smile:

I strongly hope that a kind of change support will be introduced in this game because I think it is one of the most annoying action in the game to change the equipment again and again especially for very difficile group boards.



  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 52
    I would definitely be happy if they implemented that. However, I would settle for just being able to  change our favorite hero & wpn on the profile page. Then have each of those stay at the top of the wpn/hero select page for each msn.

    While we're at it, use the same hero/wpn select screen from raider msns for the rest of the single hero msns. 

    Either way, I agree that the time it takes to swap hero/wpns in between msns really slows game play. 
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 90
    While I love the idea Freak,Double Taps may be something that NG can implement quickly and easily.  I hate having to scroll half way down to find my Leg Hershel with his 4x chance at double contribution.  I've thought how I'd like to select him, then Negan to always remain on top of Hero list.  Same with Negan SMG... again though  the idea is sound Freak.  
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