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I just started this game on my iPhone. Game don’t move. Location service not available and does not show up on my phone setting. The character button on the top left for “setting” don’t work anymore. When I try to click the green “fight” button, no response. The shop button is stuck with “unlock at level 3”. The social button have a “unlock after tutorial” over it but it’s the only thing that actually works.

been stuck in the same area of the map from the very beginning. 

Already tried this phone setting but no luck...

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services
  2. Make sure that Location Services is on
  3. Scroll down to find The Walking Dead: Our World app
  4. Tap the app and select the "While Using the app" option

Step 3 and 4 don’t show up and don’t exist. 



  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 486
    Strange. Location settings are part of your iOS settings and may be configured or laid out  slightly different depending on which iOS version you are running.  

    I would suggest fully closing out the app from your recent apps, restarting your device and seeing if that helps. 

    Our World is a location based game so you will not move on the map unless you and your device are actually moving, you can swipe side to side to rotate your position.  As you play you will be able to collect a  "compass" which will give your the ability to "Free Roam" (move on the map without physically moving for a set time period). 
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  • CrazyChinozCrazyChinoz Member Posts: 4
    I know the game is based on real current map location but the location on the game is not my area and when I arrive to work, it didn’t change. 

    I am only about to rotate around but when I try to “fight” no reaction when I hit the button. Somehow I think my game is glitched and I can’t even restart from the beginning all over. This game is not even saved in iCloud. 
    I have tried to delete and reinstall the game at least 10 times and still loaded up in the same exact spot. I also tried restarting the phone too and turned off and on Game Center on iPhone. Here is a screen shot of how my the location page is. It don’t even show up. 

  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 486
    Interesting.... Your best bet is to reach out to in game Support and share with them the situation. You can submit a ticket by clicking on your profile picture in the top left of the map screen. On the settings tab select  the FAQ & Contact Button and then click the chat icon in the upper right hand corner. Once you submit your issue you should be able to submit screenshots.  Recording a video of exactly what is happening likely would be helpful. 
  • CrazyChinozCrazyChinoz Member Posts: 4
    The problem is clicking the profile picture on the top left don’t do anything. It don’t open up anything. I can’t even reach out to game support. That’s what lead me here on a forum. Lol
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 486
    You can try reaching out through the following link. Be sure to include your Player Name, player level and what Group you are a part of (if you have gotten to the point of joining a team).
    I highly recommend taking some screen recordings of exactly the issue you are having, upload them to a public accessible site (youtube, google drive etc.) And including the links with the support message.
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,249
    @CrazyChinoz charge your device and find a place with better signal and try again.  Based on the screenshots your device is on low power mode and low signal.  If you are on WiFi that could also be a issue as to why your location isn’t where you actually are.
  • CrazyChinozCrazyChinoz Member Posts: 4
    I have been trying all day when the phone is on a full charge and when I’m at work I got 3 signal bars and it’s LTE. When I’m home it’s on WiFi. It’s definitely not a battery or signal issue. 

    I already submitted a message to support that Dahlia linked and still waiting for a response. 
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    Once again I’m paying for  vip stuff I can’t use because the game isn’t updating my tiers. My user name is ashtonspears1
  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,249
    @CrazyChinoz have you finished the tutorial? Until the tutorial is done the map looks “funny.”

    @Hank8579 what issue are you having?
  • leejierleejier Member Posts: 8
    I am same as above.... now still no have the location available in Apps. So how can I search the zombie? Help.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 486
    @leejier I am sorry to hear that you are having issues with the game. Here are some things you can try.

    Check the App/Play Store for the latest Update 16.0 and install if you have not already done so

    Close out the app completely, restart your phone (If Android device go to settings>apps>ourworld>storage and clear your cache  [do not clear data] and restart device)

    Check to make sure you location services are enabled for Our World and your location services is on.

    Connect to a different method of data either cellular or WiFi to see if that changes anything.

    If none of the above help please sent an in game support message through the FAQ & Contact button in the Player Profile section of the game. Support will get back to you as soon as they possibly can. Hours are usually Finland time so depending on where you are it might take a bit longer. 
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