The Our World 3rd Anniversary Celebration

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The Baitest Birthday Challenge

Event Dates: Friday, July 9th at 08:00 UTC through Wednesday July 14th at 08:00 UTC.

Collect a free daily Gift: During the 5 days (UTC - July 9th to July 13th), log in to claim a free Gift Pack from the shop each day which consists of 1 Bait and 1 Flare each time (Players below lvl 6 only receive a Bait). Use these items to achieve the below objective together with your group mates.

Objective: The higher the pack awarded in Bait, from scoring the highest amount of points possible (see in thread for more detail), the more Party Tokens you will receive! Use those Party Tokens to unlock Legendary Alpha and collect other rewards in the special event shop!

Energy Reduction: Apart from those who place bait (where it is 0 energy cost per stage), energy cost for the duration of The Baitest Birthday Challenge will be reduced to 2 energy per stage.

Minimum Level Requirements: Players level 4 or above.

Difficulty: Bronze

Fireworks and Party Hats

- During 10th to 13th of July, players will see fireworks in the map background!

- On the day of the Our World 3rd Anniversary, Monday 12th July, players will see their favourite zombies wearing birthday hats!

Additional special Gifts

And that's not all! To finish off the celebrations, on the below dates, players will find additional free gifts available in the shop to collect!

(available from 08.00 UTC to 08.00 UTC the following day)

- July 16th - July 17th

- July 17th - July 18th

- July 18th - July 19th



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    See below the token amount awarded per backpack level for clearing a Bait stage

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    Event Shop

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