Double Ambush Cards Event is Terrible

double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 59
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I really wish the weekend event would have been single/2e ambushes or even double tokens rather than double cards. The card rewards for them are not good normally, and this weekend event doesn't even bring them up to the equivalent lvl rare outpost. In other words, this weekend event provides almost no incentive to play extra ambush msns.

While the shop is nice, I think NG missed on the weekend part of it. 


  • OWTWD1583OWTWD1583 Member Posts: 20
    Most of the events are a total fail. I can only conclude the developers don't in fact play this game.
  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 113
    Double zero is still zero. 
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 150
    The developers barely develop this
    game, why the hell would they play it?!
  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 180
    Truly the worst.  Talk about needing to just fill something in. Lol
  • swtsugarmeswtsugarme Member Posts: 26
    Where are all the raider ambushes?  Our team threw over 28 flares by roaming and have found scarce ones and we are from all over the United States. Now you call for missions doing them YOU TOOK THEM OUT @filipe ! This is what causes players to not want to play anymore, I have spent a lot of money on this game so I would like to see raider ambushes like we were seeing them (which was everywhere) ! Get it together already lol… I don’t usually write such irritating post but this is becoming ridiculous at this point!!!!!
  • swtsugarmeswtsugarme Member Posts: 26
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