Sneak Peek - 17.0 - Patch Notes

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A new update will soon be released - 17.0! Take a sneak peek at the Patch notes below! 

What’s new in 17.0?

Group Boards 2.0 is here! How far can you climb the new unlimited Group Boards? If you keep climbing the rewards keep coming as you compete with other Groups to see who can be top in the Group Leaderboards!

Group Boards 2.0

For the next Season Group Boards have gone infinite: introducing Guild Board 2.0!

In this new Guild Board setup Groups are able to climb the Tiers indefinitely, gathering increasingly large rewards as they climb. In the current system when a Group reaches Tier 25 of the regular season they have reached the highest Tier, and their option for the rest of the season is to repeat this Tier, or to abandon their group and start again with a new group. With the new system, when a group completes the highest Tier, they will get a new Tier, and after completing that they will get another. This system offers effectively unlimited progression.

Unlimited Group Board Rewards

Why climb high? Each time a new Tier is reached the rewards for that Tier will increase, so the higher a group is able to climb the higher the rewards they will get both for completing each Tier and at the end of the season.

Group Leaderboard Changes

Throughout the Season you'll still be able to track your Group's progress with the Group Leaderboard. But now the higher you climb in the Boards the better the score from each Group Board Tile will be! Can your group take the number one spot and earn incredible rewards?

Difficulty Changes

The difficultly balance for Group Boards is going to be adjusted to allow more teams to progress further, faster than ever before. For those teams that already reach the current Final Tier 25, don’t worry! You’ll be able to keep going and increasing the rewards that you’ll get from each subsequent Board and Tier completion. Each individual Tier will still function the same way: each Tier has 3 Boards that you’ll need to complete gathering rewards along the way. You’ll also still start at the same Tier and Board as before at the beginning of each round.

Daryl’s Revolver and Exploding Bullets Mod

In Events this next Season you’ll be able to unlock Daryl’s Revolver (Legendary), which can be upgraded with the new Mod: Explosive Bullets. This mod is unique to Daryl’s Revolver upon launch and allows the revolver the chance to fire devastating explosive rounds. More info on Daryl’s Revolver and Explosive Bullets coming soon! 

TWD Season 11 Hero Mercer

Season 11 of The Walking Dead is nearly here! To celebrate Our World will be unleashing Mercer on the Walkers and Raiders of Our World.

Straight from the next season of The Walking Dead, Mercer is an Epic Hero and is the first Trooper in Our World. Swinging two hand axes, Mercer has twice the attack speed of regular melee heroes and maintains much of the power making him a formidable combatant at close quarters.

Mercer comes with the following Talents in unlock order: Savior, Trigger Happy, Crippling Shot, Killing Spree, Trigger Happy and Contributor. With Savior Mercer reflects the ideals of his community in the TWD universe, picking only the very best to join his elite group. His two trigger happy mods allow his already impressive attack rate to increase even further, boosted by killing spree when he successfully takes down an enemy. Crippling shot and Contributor are icing on the cake making Mercer what we hope will be a formidable Epic Hero. 

Coming soon:

Season 20 will introduce brand new events to Our World, more info on these as the season draws nearer.

  • This update also introduces fixes to the Group Invite Feature. For this reason, we will need to turn OFF Group Invites until Update 16.0 is shutdown.
Known Bug:
  • Bleach Walker - careful, he is bright!


  • NG_FilipeNG_Filipe Community Manager, Staff Posts: 541
    Update is now out! 

    If the update is still not showing for you, then it's because the update is on it's way to App Store or Google Play in your region. Once Apple or Google have pushed the update to your Store then you will be able to download and install it. Sometimes this process can take a couple of hours
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