Ending game and Hall of fame

MadriusMadrius Member Posts: 43
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It's good that all game party has an end... and it's cool to be able to continue for people who wants.
I believe that the max level is level 31. You confirm?

If yes, that's good and I think you have to keep it for players who need "an end to reach".
But for others who want to continue the game after, I think that you can open an international hall of fame where only player level 31 will be displayed.
And in this hall of fame, you give a ranking. This ranking is build with points, for example:
- number of gold cards at the max level 
- number of epic cards at the max level
- number of rare cards at the max level
- number of common cards at the max level
- number of walkers killed
- number of raiders killed
- number of season finished
- ...


  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 52
    I'm not disagreeing with the overall concept, but I have to laugh at this, "number of gold cards at the max level."

    Without significant changes to legendaries, I'll be surprised if anyone ever maxes a leg card. 
  • MadriusMadrius Member Posts: 43
    Same idea when reach level 35!
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