Mini-Season: Shotguns & Bows

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Mini-Season: Shotguns & Bows

Between the 29th of July and the 11th of August a Shotgun and Bow themed Mini-Season will take place where you can obtain Legendary Hershel, the Legendary Assassin Bow and the Legendary Reclaimer Shotgun in the Mini-Season Shop, as well as other Shotgun and Bow Weapons and Heroes. It will be a one-round two-week Mini-Season consisting of 10 Tiers and a bonus Mystery Tier. Upon completing Tier 10, a Mystery Tier will be unlocked which can be replayed an unlimited amount of times.

Completing Group Boards, Tiles and claiming Packs between Tiers 1 to 10 will reward you with Skull Tokens, which can be exchanged in the Mini-Season Shop for prizes. 

Completing Group Boards in the Mystery Tier will reward you with Mystery Tokens instead of packs. Mystery Tokens can be exchanged in the Mini-Season Shop for 3 different Mystery Bags which could include additional Skull Tokens! Skull Tokens can also be obtained during the Hot Walker Summer Event taking place in the game from 2nd of August to 12th of August. News of other new events occurring during this Mini-Season will be shared soon!

The cost and number of all offers in the Mini-Season Shop exceeds the maximum amount of Skull Tokens that can be earned by completing Tiers 1-10 or by collecting the maximum amount of tokens from the token event happening during the Mini-Season. Please take the time to plan your purchases wisely so that you purchase only the offers you most want.
Mini-Season Shop
The Mini-Season Shop can be found as a separate tab inside the Shop.
Mini-Season Offers for Mystery Section


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