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So I am curious as to why the board can not be posted. This post,
does not really explain why NG can not post the Tier & Board info any more. From what I can gather Tiers 1 to 25 are still standard for all groups. Reason I am asking is because I do board projections for my clan. and without having the values for each tile and what each tile type is it's impossible for me to do so. 


  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 613
    Unfortunately the process of pulling the game data to then convert it into a format that can be represented in an understandable format for players no longer functions with the new board format. 
  • WizardWorxxWizardWorxx Member Posts: 4
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    All most of us need is a set of values and info for each tile. Like:
    5 Spiked w/ grenades | 45 Diff Crates | 65 Heavy's w/ and A.R. | MEd Pack | 55 Survivors to Warehouses
    Something like this with a short description and the tile value.
    As a Dev myself I have always been able to find a way to convert the data my apps use to something usable by other apps or printable.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 613
    I understand your frustration. NG has decided that they are no longer able to provide that information and that is not likely to change.  Perhaps you can partner with a higher team to give you a video of the tiles and values. That is how players collected the information before someone at NG took extra time to put the information in a graphic format. 
  • lolocopter24lolocopter24 Member Posts: 18
    It's standard NG laziness pure and simple. Wouldn't take more than a couple of hours to type into a spreadsheet that could be posted and viewed.
  • double_tapdouble_tap Member Posts: 59
    @lolocopter24, it isn't laziness, it's pure greed. NG won't pay an employee the extra one or two hrs time to do it.
    I hope that someone that does the accounting @Ng has done an effective cost analysis on all these corners being cut. I can tell you that this particular decision has now made myself and one other person stop spending all money for good (bike, season pass & e-packs). So while I'm sure that loss of ~$80 a season isn't going to break them, I can't imagine that it would have cost them much more than that to not cut it. 

    In the end, these kind of obvious penny pinching changes are just going to accelerate the exodus of players from the game. 
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 613
    The Group Boards graphics were never guaranteed to players as part of the player experience, it isn't someone's job responsibility. They were something that was done extra in kindness to the community that took a lot of time and energy.

    I have personally helped other players compile that data during a season NG did not provide the boards and it took far more then a "couple of hours" even with multiple people working. 

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