How can you tell which type heros are?

IsisIsis Member Posts: 2
I do not know which heroes are melee I've been checking them out and knives swords guns assault rifles I get those but they don't have melee written on their cards so I'm not sure how to tell please help?


  • CalaveraCalavera Member Posts: 110
    Swords are melee weapons :) so is Morgan’s staff ;)
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 613
    Each card has a different icon in the lower right hand corner that corresponds to the type of weapon or hero it is.  

    The best place to find clear information instead of trying to distinguish what the icons are on the Cards is going to be on the Card Resource File and  the Our World Basic Guide.  These two Resource  contain descriptions of the various icons in the game  as well information about all the available  cards. The Card Resource even contains 2 pages that list out all the different Heros and Weapons by Type based on Board Requirements as well as Contributor and Scavengers Talents. 

    You can find the links to these files in the FAQ section of the forum.  Though I also shared the direct links to the files as well.

    Card Resource

    Basic Guide
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