Three dot after 21.3

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Rebooting after completing 21.3 did not resolve the known issue of three dots except for one player. Deadmonton is now unable to play as a team and is losing critical time in the valuable season leaderboard. 


  • zbotzbot NML Legendary Moderator, OW Moderator Posts: 7,698
    @centerpunchr thanks for the report forwarding to NG
  • FFSFFS Member Posts: 35
  • lolocopter24lolocopter24 Member Posts: 18
    What an absolute cluster#*&k, love to see how you (don't as usual) adequately compensate DM for this embarrassment.
  • MiggzMiggz Member Posts: 144
    compensation pack incomming…50 energy, 5 gold, thanks for alerting us to the problem
  • jvg3jvg3 Member Posts: 9
    Still nothing. We lost a complete day. Whoever’s responsible for this incompetence should be degraded to making coffee for the rest of his/her life.
  • David12David12 Member, Staff Posts: 17
    We are looking in to this. Players will be compensated adequately for this issue I assure you.
  • David12David12 Member, Staff Posts: 17
    Hello. So the issue is fixed if players leave their groups and rejoin again thereafter. The social cooldown timer will be temporarily reduced to accommodate this situation. Apologies for the inconvenience of this, you will be accommodated adequately. A more permanent fix to address this problem is being worked on.
  • FFSFFS Member Posts: 35
    It is not only rewards for complete 21.3, also for heavy and medium pack on 21.3 if they are unlocked at the same time as whole board.

    And if you happen to be offline and cannot exit and rejoin directly after 21.3 and perhaps exit and rejoin when group is on tier 24 you have missed out on all of 22, 23 and part of 24.

    I hope you take this into consideration when you send out compensation.
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 619
    @FFS these are all things that I have made sure  NG is aware of when they issue compensation. Thank you for making sure that these areas are not forgotten.
  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 101
    Team Camelot (Tsd) having same issue… I for one am after uninstalling reinstalling ans reboot still get …
  • RemorahRemorah Member Posts: 101
    Think we figured most of it out will update if there are any not able to fix and will have them fill
    out tickets 
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 619
    @Remorah this issue which was initally addressed in part by the Season Information post was then addressed in an additional post (both in the Announcement Category) due to the nature of the issue changing. Steps were laid out to help players around the issue while NG worked to correct the issue. 

    I am  not sure what issue you are still having exactly.  Let me see if I can clarify the steps. 

    1. Board 21.3 is completed, players get 3 dot loading screen on the boards.
    2. Player close out the game completly from recent apps and open the game again.
    3. Player still can't get past the 3 dot loading screen related to the board.
    4. Player leaves the team and then rejoins the team (social cool down timer has been adjusted)
    5. NG will handle compensation for the missing rewards related to 21.3 completion causing the boards to not progress. No support ticket needs to be submitted by players 

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  • FFSFFS Member Posts: 35
    Support token was sent out now. But immediately removed from inventory and no compensation crate to buy with it (had it still been in my inventory)...
  • liftindivaliftindiva Member Posts: 28
    OMG that is terrible and unacceptable. I know it's probably been resolved by now but I can't imagine how frustrated you guys must have been. Thank you for taking one for all the teams and making sure others in the race don't encounter this. You're an amazing treasure CP. ps I'm so happy to be home
  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 108
    When can we expect the rewards for clearing 21.3 ?
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 619
    NG has been sending out the board completion rewards for  21.3/31.3/41.3/51.3 etc  after each round ends.  So if your team  cleared 21.3 during round 3 then you should receive the board completion pack for 21.3 during the start of round 4 via a Support Token. 
  • StewartStewart Member Posts: 108
    Thanks Dahlia
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