Board big hitter looking for a group hungry for progression

Hey so I love my current group but other members do not contribute nearly as much as me (my personal score is 133000+ For this season so far. Way more than anyone else.) I wanna be part of a group with more big hitters. Pls help!!!

you can find me on instagram: @flowglioffical or reply here with your group name and the top 5 contributors scores!! Thanks!


  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 107
    We're on 19.2.

    Our top 10 are all over 100k, with 1st over 400k.

    Look in the recruitment section,  we're the top post right now.   That has a link to join
  • CarlseyeCarlseye Member Posts: 107
    We've had a Rick Rhymes in our group before,  but they left probably a year ago.   Not sure if that's you or not,  but I just noticed the name
  • Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 90
    Hey Rick, HaliSoldiers not as aggresive as the top teams.  We are more relaxed but work well on boards together.  We used to have 25 members until that crash in Feb.  We just got 4 new members that played together on a previous team and are really motivating us to excel.  We are on Gold 1.2 but I believe with our new members and a heavy hitter like yourself, we could go far... food for thought!

    I'm at 138,000 for the season and am the most active.  Could use someone to kick my butt!

    Captain G

  • CaptainWalkerCaptainWalker Member Posts: 6
    We would love for you to come join our family at "E Tenn Safe Zone ". We are very active group that communicates everyday and knock out boards all the time. We all get along really well and have fun. We have a recruiting page on this site if u want to check that out too. We hopefully will see you soon
  • ZompulaZompula Member Posts: 34
    Hi! We at WAP just lost a member due to family emergency. If u are interested, come chat with us at:
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