Capless Energy Weekend!!

Captain_HaliSoldiersCaptain_HaliSoldiers Member Posts: 161
edited September 2021 in Suggestions & Ideas
How about a weekend event with no energy cap?  I'm not suggesting your energy doesn't deplete as you use it, I'm suggesting the soft cap set by the Sheriff's Duffel Bag and the soft cap of 99 from Crates be removed as a Special Weekend Event.  For that weekend, all missions are 1 energy & more Rare/Epic Crates are generated.  What a great opportunity for lower level players to go on a run and a chance for us regulars to go hard for a couple days without the frustration of energy depletion... good for team building too!  Set a cap of 999 if need be (to avoid energy hoarding) but let's make the world a safer plaCe for a weekend and go craZy!


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