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I have been rolling this one around in my head lately.  The use case is for groups where one member is maintaining one or more high level safe houses and needs the group to help, especially if they are away for a vacation or similar.  What I was thinking was adding a new "outpost" build item that anyone in the group of the person who places it can visit.  The visitors would not be able to interact with anything at the location simply by visiting the outpost, but could view the area and drop a flare there.  The outpost should have a reasonably long life, similar to safe houses.  Perhaps they could be upgraded through some method as well to increase lifetime, like safe houses.


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    I just started playing a few days ago, and I am having a lot of fun. Found an active group, have been having un-bopping around between flares and hoovering up all the stuff when we clear boards. I don't often place yet, but I am contributing as much as I can at level six.
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    BullWinkle, Outpost... hmmm... 'Group Outpost'.  To further your idea, to avoid a lengthy list of various members Outposts, just have one per team.  Perhaps the Leader of the group selects the site.  Could be a fun competition for players to set flares and provide input to its possible location.  The group could vote or whatever they come up with.  Group Outpost could be a constant with full access to the area's missions.  Would provide a location for a group to maintain higher level Safe Houses... so a team that works together get better rewards together.  Maybe have possible upgrades based of daily group visits cumulative totals?  A whole new thing!  I like it!
    TBane, welcome to the World
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