Random whisperers

I think it would great if whisperers were added to rescues and infestations randomly without being listed as a whisperer "encounter"  that way we could be surprised by it and it might throw us off a little.  Keep the whisperere encounters though just randomly put them in other missions without any foreknowledge of it being there. 


  • RedsWorldRedsWorld Member Posts: 163
    I would love to see this mission and this is a snapshot from the game.
  • Infestations too?  Lol, could be funny.  Only problem is for group challenges, you wouldn't have the opportunity to select the weapon or hero required.  I have had 2 Whispers in a mission.  What about Rare or Epic Whisperer Encounter.... Rare has 2, Epic as 3 Whisperers... maybe an occasional Legendary with 4!!  I like where this is going though
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