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So now that the boards have changed in many ways.  We have a lot of tiles coming up for rotten kills in encounters.  When are we going to get ALL ROTTEN ENCOUNTERS.  We have all the other ALL TYPES,  except Rotten ones.  And why are there no rotten walkers in bait?  I never understood that.  Really the types of missions are as listed but not limited to;

1) All Rotten Encounters 
2) Rotten walkers in Bait
3) Rare & Epic Ambushes
4) Rare & Epic Whisper Encounters
5) Whisper Rescue Missions

Answers would be appreciated, thank you


  • All Rotten Encounters would be excellent.  I like they have all Spiked Encounters, makes roaming & flaring worth it when that is something the board needs.  Good question!
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