Missions not appearing during compass

Over the past few weeks I've noticed that when I travel out far enough that rescue and encounter missions seem a bit more scattered than usual, even in residential zones. It started happening when I upgraded Ezekiel s cane to lvl 4 which might just be coincidental.
Has any1 noticed this also lately? I'm paranoid and not sure I want to lvl the cane up to lvl 5 now if it might affect what shows up on a compass run.


  • Hello Fonzo..  my Cane is at level 5 and I have not noticed any issues. I may use a bunch of Leg Wildcards to level up again.  I want MORE speed on Roams!  StaY saFe out theRe...
  • FonsoZoriFonsoZori Member Posts: 12
    Haha good to hear. It's totally random for me, not sure if wifi related. 
    Thank you for the response and I will upgrade the cane lol
  • KeisarinnaKeisarinna Member Posts: 1
    I have problems also using the compass. Many time when i travel further up, suddenly no new mission are appearing. The only thing that helps is to close the app and open it again. Then all the missions appear that wasnt there before. Luckily i am in the same place as when i closed the program. The only bad side is that I loose valuable seconds everytime I have to close and open the app again. This has been going on for many months.
  • MisMelis21910MisMelis21910 Member Posts: 2
    Keisarinna I too have been having those same problems & have to do this same thing when playing bc for me the only thing that has helped or fixes it is to close the game & restart it which costs time while using Ezekiel's cane. 
  • Lonewolf_a1Lonewolf_a1 Member Posts: 3
    Not got the cane yet, but when I use the compass some of the missions double lap, you know when you look at them to see what you can get for challenge, to be fair it's happened twice only but it prevents back button working never happened before the update 
  • DahliaDahlia OW Moderator Posts: 666
    Please be sure to submit in game support tickets for this issue as it allows NG to know which players are having an issue and they can more easily  check your account logs to see what might be happening. 
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